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If your personal or business finances are in trouble, often the most difficult thing to do is taking the first step toward turning your situation around. The Instant Income 10-Day Turnaround Plan™ can help.  Over 10 full days, it walks you through a complete plan for taking action every day—decisively and productively—with the solitary goal of bringing in badly needed cash

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Whether you own a small business, work for someone else's small business or have just a few hours a week to pursue occasional money-making projects, the Instant Income 10-Day Turnaround Plan will give you easy-to-follow strategies to help boost your cash-flow quickly.

You can make a start with decisive action steps like these

•      Determine who can pay you the amount of cash you need
•      Decide which products, services, or other value you can deliver for that
•      Articulate the benefits of your offer and negotiate a deal, if required
•      Choose which Instant Income strategies you'll use to bring in the cash
•      Begin executing the most suitable strategies for you

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If you own a small business, work for a small business or have ever wanted
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