If You're Responsible for Helping Your Dealers and Customers Build Their Business...

...the Instant Income Dealer-Training and Distributor-Outreach Programs are your solution!

If your customers buy your products or services to resell to someone else, your revenues are driven by your customers' ability sell these goods and services profitably—then keep repurchasing from you. Now, Instant Income expert Janet Switzer can help you and your customers with support and training programs designed specifically to teach dealers, resellers, affiliates and other distributors powerful strategies for securing more business—by gaining new customers, leveraging joint venture relationships, conducting better Internet marketing, making ad dollars work harder, reactivating past customers and more.

Instant Income Small Business resources are available to use as a customer appreciation program, dealer support program or member outreach program—delivering teleseminars, live workshops, e-courses, consulting circles and more. When your customers grow, your revenues grow, too!

Instant Income Is Uniquely Workable for Smaller Dealers or Retailers

The Instant Income series of books, teleseminars, webinars, one-day workshops, multi-media training tools and subscription coaching program serves small business owners who have yet to develop sophisticated marketing and advertising systems in their business, and who may not even have their own in-house marketing staff. The Instant Income curriculum focuses on teaching proven strategies for creating instant cash in small business — cash that could be used to fund capital purchases, additional advertising, in-house salespeople and other expenditures that help grow a business.

The Instant Income curriculum does not require a large marketing budget to implement, but rather, introduces business owners to strategies that cost just a few hundred dollars to execute — or in many cases, nothing at all until sales are made.

To get started bringing the Instant Income strategies to your dealer network, contact us at Janet Switzer's office -- (805) 499-9400. We will conduct a brief interview to help determine your needs, establish your anticipated start date for a program, discuss potential deliverables and more!

How to Bring Instant Income to Your Network of Customers, Dealers and Resellers

There are dozens of ways to help your network of customers, dealers and resellers do more business — and pass that "more" onto you! The following list of training products and programs gives you an idea of what's available and how you might incorporate each one into your customer outreach or support program.

Syndicated Column for Your Newsletter or Other Publication — Janet Switzer is a New York Times Bestseller, a popular columnist, international speaker and former journalist who makes difficult topics easy-to-understand — and even easier to implement. In this special column written for your newsletter, magazine or other publication, Janet delivers actionable strategies to small business owners in a way that makes you look good...and helps them, too!

Monthly Printed Newsletter or E-Newsletter — Filled with the latest strategies, resources and marketing short-courses, an Instant Income e-zine or printed newsletter could be the cornerstone of your customer outreach program. Always customized for your company or division, it's an ideal way to keep in touch in a way that shows your dealers and customers you care about their long-term success and profitability.

"Finding Instant Income in Your Small Business" Short-Course — This popular e-training series condenses and summarizes the Instant Income system and gives business owners step-by-step strategies they can implement the very same day. Delivered over a predetermined number of weeks via autoresponder, the Instant Income eTraining is the ideal gift for customers when combined with other Instant Income training products or programs. Included are seven sections: Customer marketing, prospecting and lead generation, sales and customer service, advertising and marketing, Internet strategies, inventory and product delivery strategies, and leveraging relationships. Section 8 provides your customers with a step-by-step audit for finding instant income in their own small business — and provides a template for creating the actual task list they'll need to prioritize and implement strategies.

Mini Books on Single Topics — If your network needs help on a specific area of business or a unique and troublesome marketing challenge, Janet Switzer can help with a mini book, special report or white paper developed on that single topic.

Single Audio CD with 60-minute Strategy Seminar — If you've already identified the one area where your dealers and clients need to take action, Janet can help with a professionally recorded audio seminar on that topic. Attractively packaged on an audio CD, it's the perfect bonus or gift for your valued customers.

Subscription Audio-Data CD Series — Even better than a single audio seminar is a monthly series where Janet Switzer walks business owners through strategies they can implement immediately. Every month, your affiliates, customers and members will receive an audio-data CD — handsomely packaged — complete with a recorded strategy seminar... plus PDF documents, assessments tools and more included on the same CD.

Audio-Video Training Program with Printed Assessment Tool — If you're looking for the ideal "one-time" bonus, this Instant Income short-course is it. Your customers will watch on video DVD as Janet Switzer walks business owners through finding instant income in their small business. An accompanying printed assessment guide helps business owners follow along as Janet helps them locate hidden assets and determine where to start making money first. The course finishes with an audio CD seminar where Janet delivers actionable strategies business owners can implement the very same day.

Instant Income Business Enhancement System (BEST) — The flagship product of the Instant Income series, this multi-media system details all aspects of creating cash in a business using marketing, advertising, strategic alliances, sales strategies, customer development principles and more. A robust business-in-a-box, the course features written materials, audio short-courses and DVD trainings on various aspects of creating campaigns and executing strategies — from how to write copy to how to do joint ventures, to how to negotiate ad space, train salespeople, sell other people's products to your customers for additional cash and more. Dozens of strategies are fully explained and documented with sample ads, letters, scripts and resources business owners can use.

Teleseminar Series or Webinar Series — These one-hour teleseminars and/or webinars can be offered on a one-time or regular basis to address specific needs or particular marketing challenges your dealer network is facing. As an alternative, Janet will treat your customers to a "live" teleseminar or webinar version of her monthly audio training series!

Finally, if you're planning to change your pricing, packaging, sales incentives, affiliate fees or membership benefits — let Janet help. She has a way to keep customers excited about carrying your product or service through powerful marketing strategies they can use to thrive in the face of these changes.

Live Keynote Presentation or Breakout Session — Planning a live event for your dealer network or customer base? Janet Switzer can deliver proven strategies and new excitement to your audience with an Instant Income keynote or breakout session. In this powerful, content-rich presentation, Janet Switzer looks at the seven key areas any business can hone in on to instantly bring cash in the door. She details easy-to-execute strategies that cost just a few hundred dollars or less to implement. And she inspires business owners to take action on what they learn — to boost their business starting the very next day.

Whether your people conduct their business every day or for a second income, participants will learn how to boost bottom-line profits with the information and strategies Janet provides.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Bring more prospects in the door cheaper than they ever thought possible...
  • Convert those prospects to excited, informed and loyal customers who keep coming back to buy more and more products and services...
  • Retain customers longer and maximize revenue over their lifetime of patronage...
  • Upsell customers to new products and services at top-dollar prices — whether attendees have additional items to sell them or not!

Instant Income is delivered in easy-to-understand language and tells participants exactly how to sell thousands of dollars' worth of products and services to customers and prospects, spending minimal time, money and effort when they do.

Live One-Day Workshop — Designed especially for companies who have a vested interest in training their subscribers, members, customers, clients, dealers and distributors in smart marketing and business-growth strategies, these one-day workshops teach small business owners a series of proven strategies for creating cash in a business — cash that could be used to purchase additional goods and services from the sponsoring corporation.

Delivered with humor, illustrative stories and step-by-step explanations in simple language, the Instant Income one-day workshop strives to inspire business owners to take simple steps to boost their marketing activity and, in turn, skyrocket their revenue. Includes an elaborate handout and free marketing assessment tool to help attendees follow the day's strategies, then assess their own marketing opportunities and readiness when they return home. An ideal gift to your customers and affiliates. Or...feel free to add it to an existing event, use it as an incentive or bonus, or charge a fee to add revenue to your division or association.

Topics include: Where to look for income opportunities • Identifying the hidden assets in your business even if you're a start-up • Getting ready for instant response • Determining who has money to give you now • How to ask people to open their wallets to you • How to successfully ask customers to buy more • Profiting from joint ventures • Plus...10 secrets of the marketing masters and other strategies that work.

Customized Instant Income Boot Camp — Developed specifically for entrepreneurial groups who can bring together hundreds of attendees for a 2- or 3-day training, the Instant Income customized "boot camp" delivers step-by-step instruction in proven marketing strategies, as well as segments on assessing one's own business opportunities and on creating an initial 90-day marketing plan. Fees vary based on length of program, number of attendees and materials provided.

Marketing Director's Coaching Program — A real solution for small business owners who have no in-house marketing staff of their own, the Instant Income Marketing Director's Program provides complete marketing campaigns, task lists, tele-training, new ideas from expert marketers, as well as monthly live tele-strategy sessions with an actual marketing specialist who walks business owners through implementing the Instant Income strategies in their specific business. These live strategy sessions are conducted in small groups for maximum advantage, learning and impact.

Instant Income advisors are typically marketing consultants who have already helped business owners make money with as little effort as possible. They are also teachers and motivators — not only helping the business owner learn the process, but helping them believe in their own capabilities, too.

The Instant Income Multi-Media System is included as the initial resource materials for the program.

Train-the-Trainer Program — If you have in-house trainers who regularly work with your dealers and customers, Janet Switzer can add Instant Income strategies to their training repertoire! Materials include complete facilitation manuals for various Instant Income programs plus starter packs of participant handouts and assessment tools. Then, Janet Switzer works in person with your training staff on delivering the Instant Income experience!

Licensed Systems — Companies with their own dealer support program may wish to license select Instant Income components for ongoing distribution or for combination with existing programs. Customization is available and a discussion of your needs is welcome.

Private-Label Magazine — If Instant Income is a message your customers could use regularly, why not mail them this colorful, strategy-packed magazine? Whether you charge for subscriptions or use it as a customer marketing or outreach device, Janet Switzer assures a selection of valuable articles, hard-hitting interviews and exciting new information in every issue. (Advertising opportunities and copyrights are reserved.)

Spokesperson Services — Major corporations whose primary customers are small business owners can benefit significantly from having an expert spokesperson those entrepreneurs can identify with! As #1 bestselling author of Instant Income, the New York Times and USA Today best-selling co-author of The Success Principles - and one of America's top small-business experts - Janet Switzer knows how to present your message and create excitement around your product or service. (Exclusivity is available depending on your market niche and specific circumstances.)

Consulting Services — If you need to build your customer base or do a better job of selling your products and services to those customers you have now, Janet Switzer can help with programs designed to communicate the benefits of doing business with you. Discuss your needs with us at (805-499-9400), talk about a plan — then watch what happens with your dealer, affiliate and customer network!


Janet Instant Income BookWho Is Janet Switzer?

A 20-year veteran of the marketing and advertising field, Janet Switzer is unique among experts as the woman who's been responsible for advising and executing the day-to-day marketing programs of Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author Jack Canfield, legendary motivational speaker Les Brown, legendary business guru Jay Abraham,Internet income expert Yanik Silver, and master motivational speaker Mark Victor Hansen, among other celebrity entrepreneurs.

Today, she's the #1 bestselling author of Instant Income: Strategies That Bring In the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees and Occasional Entrepreneurs. As well, she's the New York Times and USA Today bestselling coauthor of The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, published in eight languages worldwide.

Unlike other experts who merely conjure up good ideas, Miss Switzer actually produces the ads, letters, scripts, response devices and other marketing vehicles that transform good strategies into great profits — then leverages them for even greater gain, often on a shoestring budget or no budget at all. She's executed countless hundreds of low-cost, profit-proven strategies for companies in the hi-tech, manufacturing, service, retail, publishing and training fields. She knows from experience what works — and what doesn't. She knows where to cut costs and how to eliminate them altogether. And she knows how to help your audience generate substantial new revenue using a system of strategies that are not only quick to execute, but which bring in the cash quickly, too.

She's counseled more than 50,000 companies and entrepreneurs worldwide in leveraging their intangibles and information assets for untold millions in potential windfall revenue.

Plus, Miss Switzer regularly speaks to thousands of entrepreneurs, independent sales professionals, corporate employees and industry association members on the principles of success and income generation. Additionally, she helps achievers who are experts in their field attain worldwide status and million-dollar incomes by building publishing empires around their business strategies, training concepts, industry expertise and unique market posture. Her multi-media short-course How Experts Build Empires: The Step-By-Step System for Turning Your Expertise Into Super-Lucrative Profit Centers is the industry's definitive work on the subject of developing and marketing information products.

She is a featured expert in the motion-picture documentary U R Pre-Approved, documenting the personal finance and debt crisis in America.

A nationally-recognized direct-response copywriter, author and advisor, Ms. Switzer regularly counsels small entrepreneurial companies and start-ups on how (and where) to start making money immediately — often on a few hundred dollars or less.


To Get Started on Boosting Revenue From Your Dealers and Distributors

To get started bringing the Instant Income strategies to your dealer network, contact us at Janet Switzer's office -- (805) 499-9400. We will conduct a brief interview to help determine your needs, establish your anticipated start date for a program, discuss potential deliverables and more!


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