Welcome to Janet Switzer’s Monthly Income Series


What Does the Monthly Planned-For-You Marketing Program Give Me?

The program delivers a marketing initiative each month that you can incorporate into your business to increase customers, improve your online marketing, sell more to past buyers, sell consulting and other services, and more. The program updated monthly with current marketing methods that utilize techniques that will work in a broad category of businesses.

Each month, after your subscription is paid, you’ll receive a link to a password-protected page that will feature that month’s program. Each campaign is in the form of a downloadable PDF file containing 16-110 pages. In certain months, you’ll also receive an audio interview with other experts that add to the depth of the month’s program.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

We make it very easy to cancel. Simply email support@instantincome.com with your name and the email you subscribed with, and we’ll email back a confirmation of your cancellation.

Can I get a refund?

As the material is provided electronically, we do not refund subscription fees.

What happens if I lost or didn’t receive my monthly campaign link via email?

Simply email support@instantincome.com and we’ll resend you the link.

Can I access past month’s materials?

Yes. Each month’s download page features links to all past campaigns.

How can I get Janet Switzer to work on my business or project?

Because Janet can’t possibly work personally with every business that approaches her for help, she gladly provides free information, strategies, fully-developed marketing campaigns and other step-by-step information through her various websites. She also takes on marketing clients that are established and need to address major marketing needs.

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