Monthly Planned-for-You Marketing Campaigns


How Much Could Your Business Grow If You Had Detailed, “Planned-for-You” Marketing Campaigns Every Month…Along With Complete Instructions for Implementing Them in Your Business?

Could you:

  • Get more customers?
  • Sell more products and services?
  • Raise your prices in a down economy?
  • Turn your website into a true revenue generator?
  • Finally take some time off while “handing over” the marketing
    implementation duties to your staff?

Dear Business Owner,

Janet Switzer Montly Marketing Program SeriesIf you’ve read my free newsletter or any of my complimentary special reports, you’re probably aware that I’ve developed hundreds of income-generation campaigns in all kinds of business categories over the past 24 years.  These campaigns have generated millions upon millions of dollars in revenue for the companies who’ve been my exclusive clients.

But while those campaigns were custom-developed for clients like Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, Les Brown, David Bach and other world-renowned entrepreneurs, lately my newsletter subscribers have asked how they can get—month after month—a campaign structured to help them grow their business.  They’ve asked for a checklist of things to do, marketing pieces they can replicate, and detailed tutorials to help them understand every step as they implement.

But more importantly, they’ve wanted each campaign to be easy to integrate into their business… instantly actionable without a lot of advance work… and require just a few hours (or less) to review, understand and execute (either by themselves or by a staff person).

Unfortunately, they just aren’t able to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars my more “famous” clients have paid for strategic planning and oversight.

After much thought about how to fulfill these requests, I’ve decided to launch an ongoing series of affordable, “planned-for-you” monthly marketing campaigns that you or your staff can easily execute within minutes or hours of receiving them.

And just like my other products, this monthly tutorial and collection of associated marketing pieces won’t just tell you “what to do”—it will tell you HOW to execute in step-by-step detail using actual ads, sales letters, emails, webpages and other items I’ll include.

In some months, I’ll even go through my Rolodex and interview top industry professionals (not corporate figureheads, but the people behind-the-scenes who do the actual work of building successful businesses).

Far from the “random thoughts” or cryptic theories that many experts send out as their monthly subscription product, I’ve spent months planning a sequence of logical income-generation campaigns that could help you earn badly needed cash-flow month after month.

Yet your cost every month is about what you’d spend on a business lunch at your favorite restaurant. SUBSCRIBE NOW

For about $1.30 per day, you can receive a complete tutorial on how to execute a single, cash-flow boosting campaign in your business.

Plus I’ve added (as a bonus gift) a comprehensive Internet marketing plan designed to give you the complete task list and tutorials for converting your website into a marketing “path” that resolutely migrates visitors from opting-in with their email address… to buying an entry-level product or service… to buying even more expensive products and services later.

With the right kinds of offers and marketing path at your website, your website can turn from a mere “brochure site” into a true money-maker for your business—regardless of whether you’re a consultant, service provider, retailer or other kind of bricks-and-mortar business owner.

It’s easy to subscribe to my monthly “planned-for-you” campaign series—and even easier to afford—with just a modest $39 charge to your credit card every month that you remain a subscriber.  Of course, you can cancel at any time.

But to make it extra easy to get started, I’ll add you as a subscriber and send you the first month – on a trial basis – for just $3.95


What kinds of easy-to-understand and quick-to-implement campaigns can you expect as part of this new subscription service?

  • New-customer recruitment campaigns
  • Lead-generation campaigns for your sales force
  • Customer relationship and upselling campaigns
  • Past-buyer reactivation campaigns
  • Social media, mass media, trade press and publicity campaigns
  • Dealer and distributor recruitment strategies
  • Joint ventures, referral programs and affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Strategies for outsourcing the marketing function of your company
  • Marketing through newsletters
  • Keyword-driven blog marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns
  • Newspaper advertising campaigns
  • Direct-response and direct-to-consumer marketing
  • Campaigns that market your consulting time and fill your unfilled appointment slots
  • Inventory-reduction campaigns
  • Email marketing and autoresponder marketing
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Telemarketing for re-orders, upgrades and renewals

And that’s just what I have planned for you over the first 12 months of your subscription!

But don’t worry that you might have “tried” these ideas before or that you “already do that” in your business.  The level of detail I’ll include and the number of ways I’ll give you to “boost” each type of campaign are unprecedented—and very likely strategies that you’ve never heard of before, let alone implemented in your business.

If you already send sales letters, publish a newsletter, have a website, send marketing emails or execute any of the other kinds of campaigns above, you’ll discover dozens of ways to maximize what you’re already doing.  (And if you don’t do any of these things already, click here to immediately get your first month’s package for $3.95, which includes nearly 120 pages of campaigns for acquiring tons of new customers.)

I think you’ll find that the level of detail is staggering…and literally unmatched when you compare this actionable subscription series to comparably priced membership clubs, audio interview series and other small-business “expert” material.

Subscribe today and get ready to read about specific details and strategies like these:

  • Six ways to sell add-ons and complementary products to recent buyers—including a sample post-purchase reassurance letter that includes a compelling offer to buy more.  Read it in Month #2.
  • Eight different new-customer acquisition campaigns complete with sample ads, letters, seminar invitations and more.  You’ll find it in Month #1—immediately downloadable when you purchase now.
  • How to bring in new business with zero effort on your part…and with no cash outlay until sales are made.  Read more in Month #7.
  • Discover how entire businesses are built on the power of a free newsletter…and extract the step-by-step formula your business can use to boost product sales and increase customer loyalty, too.  Read the exclusive story in Month #4.
  • Have a Twitter account?  Or Facebook, LinkedIn or one of many other social networking accounts?  Use the campaign you’ll find in Month #5 to turn these activities into cash-generating tools.
  • Need to fill those empty appointment times in your consulting practice or service business?  Want an easy way to move that obsolete inventory in your warehouse?  Month #8 tells you how.

Along the way, you’ll discover:

  • Six ways to use email to boost your cash-flow within 24 hours.  Read it in Month #3.
  • Eleven ways to get other business owners to send you buyers.  Find out more in Month #1.
  • A day-by-day calendar for conducting a product launch campaign.  See it (and the comprehensive details) in Month #10.
  • A line-by-line task list for your staff to follow in executing any of the new-customer acquisition campaigns I recommend.  Watch for it in your very first month’s downloadable campaign guide.  Subscribe now.
  • A sample archive of webpages, blog posts, emails and other marketing pieces that generated over $200,000 in just 10 days for an existing product.  Get these samples in Month #10.
  • A sales script you can adjust for your own sales force, designed to re-sell past buyers on a new purchase.  It’s included in Month #11.

I’m purposely loading up each month’s campaign with extra value and keeping the cost low, too, to insure the maximum number of business owners can subscribe and benefit.

I’ve even “front-loaded” the most important campaigns in early months so you can focus on really bringing in the cash by finding new customers, selling more to past buyers, getting other people to help you market your services…plus so much more.

When I say this material is ”planned for you,” I mean just that.  It’s almost like a business-school curriculum that forces you to master and implement first those activities that will be most critical to the long-term financial health of your business.  Later, I’ll deliver “advanced” campaigns that build on the momentum that the first several months should have created for you.

58-Page Website Marketing Plan
When You Subscribe Today

I’ve even added (as my gift when you subscribe) a comprehensive Internet marketing plan designed to give you the complete task list and tutorials for converting your website into an Internet Selling Sytem with a marketing “path” that migrates visitors from opting-in with their email address… to buying an entry-level product or service… to buying even more expensive products and services later.

You’ll discover:

  • The 4 main functions your website must fulfill in order to become the revenue generator your business needs.  Read all four functions starting on page 1.
  • The little-known 3-page website formula used by the world’s top Internet marketers to get money sites up-and-running in less than 48 hours.  It’s easier than you think (and you can even build the pages yourself to save cash).  The formula is on page 4.
  • The 9 steps you must follow to convince visitors to eagerly add their email address to your database for future marketing purposes.  Page 9 takes the guesswork out of this process and even includes a template to follow.  Click to get this bonus guide when you subscribe.
  • A step-by-step guide on the words to say and the actions to take to insure that visitors who leave your website without buying will happily return later to spend money with you.  This unique formula starts on page 14.
  • A 15-point checklist for driving qualified traffic (including eager buyers) to your website.  Page 20 features the strategies that few other “experts” even know about.
  • Two ways that “lazy” bloggers and Internet journalists could get you names to send marketing emails to—even if your local newspaper editor has refused to use your press release in your hometown paper.  See page 20 for the inside story.
  • The main reason to write a blog, but with a twist: Make sure you write about topics that your ideal future customers are already searching for on the Internet.  This “How to Blog for Money” tutorial starts on page 31. 
  • The online tool that 87% of all Internet users access nearly every day—and how to grab some of this traffic for yourself at less than $50 per month.  Read the complete details on page 28.
  • The new “identity theft” hitting small businesses across the country and how Google will not only help you protect your business (for free), they’ll also send you free qualified traffic in the process.  Page 32 details this “must do” strategy that takes 40 minutes or less.
  • How to get more website visitors than your industry’s biggest companies who have millions to spend on Internet advertising.  Read what insiders know on page 28.  Get it by subscribing here.
  • Why other website owners will be happy to send you traffic—including their best paying customers.  Find out why starting on page 38.  (Plus get a detailed guide to working with other website owners.)
  • How to find the ideal staff person to manage your online co-marketing relationships—plus how to interview these potential managers, hire them, negotiate their pay, and define their job duties.  You’ll find details starting on page 53.


Your first month’s campaign is only $3.95. Following month’s campaigns will be sent at the low price of just $39.  You can cancel at any time and your credit card will not be charged after that.  You pay only for the monthly campaigns you receive.

When you subscribe in the next few minutes, you’ll immediately get access to the downloadable Bonus Website Marketing Plan plus receive your first month’s Instant Income Income Series (in an easy-to-download PDF file).  Other campaigns will follow month after month until you say, “Enough!”

Plus, there’s no waiting to receive your campaign in the postal mail, since each month’s package is delivered digitally to your email inbox (ideal for traveling professionals and lifestyle entrepreneurs).  Even audio interviews with my inner circle of experts are delivered via an easy, clickable link in the email that takes you to a webpage where you can download listen to it on your computer, laptop or Ipad.

This Planned-for-You Series of Marketing
Campaigns Is Perfect for You If…

  • You have an operating business and could immediately see results in the day-to-day activity of your business by implementing what I’ll send you
  • You’re trying to find more business, but it seems like customers are fading away instead
  • You’re a small-business consultant and can use these tactics in your advisory work (this series is superb training in concepts and ideas you can pass on to your clients)
  • You know you need to develop ongoing marketing activity in your business, but don’t know how to develop a formal marketing “department”
  • You’ve hired a virtual assistant to help you with marketing, but you aren’t sure if they’re doing everything they can (or should be doing) to help you
  • You’re a solo entrepreneur and would like a world-class marketing strategist to give you the month-by-month checklist of things to do to bring in revenue with as little effort as possible

You’ll be able to download your very first campaign including 120 pages of detailed instructions for finding new customers and generating leads for you or your salespeople to talk to (plus sample marketing pieces).  The easy-to-download PDF file even includes detailed worksheets to help you execute the recommended strategies.

You’ll also receive a link to the comprehensive Bonus Website Marketing Plan I talked about earlier.  It’s my free gift with your subscription—and it’s yours to keep—even if you decide to cancel your subscription later.

Review both items.  The first month is only $3.95, after which you can decide for yourself if the first month’s campaigns and strategies (and every month after that) are worth the modest $39 per month I’m planning to charge.

Subscribe now using our secure online shopping cart.  Then get ready to see a difference in your business as you implement these powerful campaigns month after month.


I’m looking forward to helping you create ongoing revenue in your business.


Janet Switzer

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Author of Instant Income and New York Times bestselling
coauthor of The Success Principles with Jack Canfield


† Feel free to discuss these ideas with your clients and create customized campaigns for clients after reviewing the monthly materials you’ll receive from Janet. However, you may not transfer to clients Janet’s copyrighted and proprietary materials, nor may you use the sample marketing pieces verbatim in your work. If you would like your client(s) or students to subscribe to the ongoing monthly service and receive their own materials, please click here to register as an affiliate and receive generous compensation for bringing in new subscribers.