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Here’s how to break through the ‘Traffic Barrier’

Most websites get 10-50 visitors a day. Boosting that traffic to 200 per day can pay off with new customers and tons of product sales.

What most people don’t realize is that targeted traffic is the key to generating customers on the web — not whether you have videos at your site or whether your color scheme is blue or green. In fact, traffic is one of those metrics that anyone serious about their online marketing should monitor closely.

After monitoring hundreds of websites of all types, here are a few observations from my web team:

1. It takes 200 visitors a day to be profitable. For some reason, 200 is the magic number. Most websites get 10-50 visitors a day, but those that get 200+ find opt-ins and sales really take-off when they hit that 200-visitor benchmark. Google can help you get these 200 visitors if you’ll make a few simple upgrades to your site to meet Google’s criteria for ranking websites in the search results. Other search engines (such as Bing and Yahoo) will rank your website, too.

That’s why we call these simple upgrades search engine optimization — the art of “tuning up” a website so the search engines can more easily find your website and rank it for consumers who are searching for your kind of product or service.

One of the easiest upgrades is to tune-up your homepage so that it answers not only search phrases that you have the ability to rank under — but also search phrases that have the capacity to deliver enough traffic to get you to this 200 visit-per-day benchmark.

When my team looks at traffic reports for client sites that are getting 200+ visitors per day, we find that just three to five search phrases — all within a topic or subject area — drive 40% to 50% of the traffic.

For example, if you’re a business management consultant who works with all kinds of small businesses, your first inclination might be to develop your website’s message, copy, offers and language for small businesses at large. But doing this means that you’ll be competing against literally millions of other websites who are targeting the general small-business category (including those owned by major corporations).

It’s unlikely you would ever show up on Page One of Google — or even page 20 or 30. You simply wouldn’t rank. But create unique webpages within your website that feature language, opt-in offers and blog content for niche categories — such as “management consulting for apparel manufacturers” or “management consulting for electronics retailers” — and you could easily get ranked much higher in far smaller, probably under-served and therefore more responsive categories.

But be careful not to go after niches that are too small. they won’t deliver the traffic you need to reach the 200+ visitor mark. More »

Can you charge $1,000/hour for consulting? Here’s the marketing campaign you’ll need…

Many Professionals Charge $500 to $1,000 Per HOUR for Their Private Consulting and Coaching Services…

The Next Person to Join This Elite Group Should Be YOU.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned from developing strategy and marketing campaigns for many of the biggest name experts out there…

When they make themselves available to do private consultations and coaching, they charge a very high price per hour.

Think about your own situation for a moment. If you’re a coach or consultant and you’re not already charging more than the most expensive lawyer or the most sought-after expert in your industry, you need to increase your fees now.

Why? Because doing so leads to an immediate boost in your leading expert status.

Think about it.

Would the best-known expert in your industry charge $100 an hour — or a high price that people would be happy to pay just to get on their calendar?

Of course, you can’t charge high fees just for 60 minutes of one-on-one chat time with a client. Today, I reveal the same strategy I’ve given to hundreds of clients over the years for packaging expensive consulting and coaching time, while providing maximum value, impact and credibility.

But before I detail the complete strategy and provide all the sample documents and marketing emails you’ll need to execute this strategy — all FREE TO YOU as my gift — I have both a favor to ask and an announcement to make… More »

Cool Sales Tools for Solo Entrepreneurs and Small Companies.

Technology Makes Launching a Professional Sales Effort Easier Than Ever Before

Even If the “Sales Team” Is Just You…

If you operate with a very small staff or run the business by yourself (whether by choice or because of a limited budget), you can still launch an effective sales effort and convert prospects to buyers.

Technology makes it possible.

I’d like to introduce you to some “cool tools” for salespeople (even if the sales team is just you). We’ve used many of these tools for years in my company with great conversion rates. Others are newer technology you should become familiar with.

Here’s the short list:

Online Schedulers Eliminate the Need for Human Appointment-Setters And Reduce the Number of Prospects Lost to “Phone Tag”

One of the newer technologies that’s a tremendous benefit to salespeople is an online scheduler that lets prospective customers choose their own appointment time from a pre-programmed calendar. You send prospects to this online scheduler function either directly from a sales letter at your website — or from offline marketing activities such as your newspaper ads, business cards, flyers and brochures.

You don’t need to even go through the hassle of adding a page to your website, since the scheduler “resides” at the scheduler service’s website. Simply provide a link such as or — with that URL re-directing to the scheduler.

You determine which days and times you want to make available for sales calls. And when prospects book an appointment, that time is removed from the available inventory. Also, their name and information is never seen by other people booking appointments.

One benefit you’ll really appreciate is that prospects book appointment times themselves — one more action-step that qualifies them as a motivated buyer. Additionally, you’ll no longer need human appointment-setters since the software does it all…24 hours a day. And far fewer prospects are lost to “phone tag” since the system sends an email reminder to the prospect to be ready for your call at the appointed time.

Of importance to solo entrepreneurs is that it also makes your small business seem bigger to prospective buyers.

Best of all, online scheduler services can be had for as little as $30 per month.

The service we like is (I don’t get anything for recommending it, I just like the system and know it has worked well for us.)

Voice Broadcasting Lets You Call Hundreds of Prospects With a Sales Message, Yet Never Pick Up the Phone

I’ve written before about voice broadcasting and its benefits for solo entrepreneurs. For about 11¢ per name, you can record a one-minute (or longer) sales message, then broadcast that in your own voice to thousands of customer or prospect phone numbers. The key is to record a message in your natural speaking voice—as if you had just dialed that prospect personally. This provides a high-touch effect with very low-touch technology. Just the fact that you called is very powerful because so few small businesses (perhaps not even your competitors) use this technology effectively. More »