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Marketing on the Fringe: Here’s what Mozart, Bach and Telemann can teach us…

While Most People Agree It’s Difficult to Fill “Pitch-Fest” Seminars Anymore, One Strategy Still Works for Marketing Your Services Via Preview Workshops and Seminars…

Mozart-Denkmal in Wien

Join Mozart and J.S. Bach and Start “Marketing on the Fringe.”

While I usually don’t talk about my downtime activities outside of work, today I’m happy to do so to help and make a point about a strategy that can work well for marketing your small business or consulting firm.

This week, I was in Boston for an industry event, but during my “off hours” I took advantage of one of my favorite pastimes…listening to classical music. As luck would have it, the world-renowned Boston Early Music Festival was taking place, too.

For music lovers like me, the Festival offered seven days of recitals, operas and concerts featuring music of the 15th through 18th centuries by composers like Mozart, Bach and Telemann, played on authentic period instruments like the harpsicord, traverso and contrabass.


But what’s so interesting about the Festival — and here’s my marketing point — is that, in addition to the regular “official” schedule of events, an entire series of smaller concerts and recitals was taking place, too.

In fact, knowing that music lovers would be flying into town anyway for the real thing, nearly a hundred performing arts groups staged their own concerts and recitals in churches, theaters and other venues — charging $10 or $15…or in some cases nothing at all. They just wanted to preview their work. More »

Unique Marketing Tool Creates a Flood of New Customers

Unique Marketing Tool for Local Businesses Creates a Flood of New Customers… In a Single Day… At No Cost to You for Traditional Advertising.

What’s the Key to Its Success?

Limited Time Offers Combined With Social Networking Done Right.

For some time, I’ve been watching an exciting marketing tool for small business that combines social networking (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) along with some of the best direct-response style offers I’ve ever seen. Remember that “direct-response” is really just an advertising technique that provides all the information a prospect would need in order to make a buying decision, then adds scientifically tested phrases and known emotional triggers to compel prospects to buy much faster and in far greater numbers.

The social marketing platform I’m talking about,, has combined three elements I really like: (1) Social networking, (2) great offers pushed to consumers via email, and (3) a limited time to buy…one of the most proven direct-response triggers.

Each day, Groupon sends an email to its thousands of subscribers in your local area featuring an offer from one local business. The offers are designed to create a flood of BUYERS to a store, restaurant, service location or other type of business.

Groupon doesn’t require any money from you — instead, they sell redeemable vouchers for your specific offer to their subscribers, then keep 50% of the purchase price and send you the remaining 50%. Once subscribers buy your package or product, those new customers receive an emailed voucher they can present in your store. The voucher has a specific code number that cannot be used again.

Groupon pays you daily as customers use up their vouchers — then provides you with a list of new customers so you can follow-up with additional marketing later.

But here’s how Groupon protects your interests and makes the whole thing work to get you hoards of new customers: A minimum number of subscribers must buy your offer before “the deal is on.” If that minimum is reached (usually once 10-40 consumers have purchased), Groupon will continue selling vouchers and keep your offer on their website as the Featured Deal of the day — and afterward under a section called “All Deals.” If the collective masses don’t buy, your offer is eventually taken down.

Why is this formula good for you? More »

“Make Me an Offer”: Where will your prospects be when they need you?

This Easy, Targeted and Inexpensive Strategy
Can Bring New Customers to Your Business Within Days.

Stanton-in-Peak, Derbyshire

What’s the Key to Success?

Start With a Compelling Offer.


In my continuing series on finding new customers for your local business or consulting firm, it occurred to me that one of the easiest, most targeted and least expensive ways to find new customers (at the exact time they are making a potential purchase decision) is to put an offer in front of them in person where they shop, work, play or otherwise spend time.

I’m talking about placing your company’s literature, business card, brochure or flyer in locations where your prospects will see it, pick it up and act upon it.

This strategy involves much more than just putting out stacks of business cards, however. The key is to put your literature in targeted places — then make an offer prospects can’t refuse.

If you own a local business, think about other local businesses where your perfect prospects shop or otherwise spend time. The key is to choose locations where they will also be in the right frame of mind to be thinking about — or needing — your product or service. In the book, Instant Income, I tell the story of hiring a golf pro for lessons because I was in the pro shop of a local golf course buying a bucket of practice balls for the driving range… More »