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Spending money the right way can bring cash into your business

In This Economy, Business Owners Often Have Trouble Deciding Where to Spend Their Limited Marketing Budget.

Here Are 5 Expenditures Designed Specifically to Bring Substantial Revenue Into Your Business.

As business owners, we always like to think that every dollar we spend on our business will somehow come back to us multiplied many times in the form of revenue and profits. But lately, I’ve talked to many business owners who don’t really know where to spend in this difficult economy. Or worse, they’re spending money on marketing schemes or website design or training programs that may not return any substantial income in the short or long term.

Spending money wisely is even more important today.

Take a typical $5,000 expenditure, for example. Back in 2007, a business owner might have spent $5,000 on an executive coaching program… flash video content for their website… traveling to an industry seminar… or something else.

But what if TODAY you have just $5,000 to spend — and you know it must be put to work substantially increasing your company’s monthly cash-flow. What should you spend it on?

Here are some proven strategies from my own client work: More »

August doesn’t have to be a slow month. Here are 3 unique ways to bring in the cash

With Families on Vacation and Key Decision-Makers on Hiatus, Many Consultants and Bricks-and-Mortar Businesses Say August Is Their Slowest Month.

bumper to bumper

But Here’s How to Bring Past Buyers (and New Ones) Into Your Business for Serious August Cash-Flow.

Several years ago, one of my clients mentioned that they saw excellent cash-flow during August — traditionally a “down” month for most businesses. This was despite the fact that they weren’t in the travel industry or any other vertical market that might see a boost during summer vacation months.

Their comment surprised me since, as a direct-response marketer, I and many of my colleagues usually saw August as the worst month for revenues.

What was their secret? While virtually every other business in town slowed its marketing during August, my clients increased theirs. They sent multiple marketing campaigns… to different segments of their list… with a unique offer for each segment.

Prospective customers received a different offer than existing customers did. Some names got a phone call, while others got a letter. Not only was the marketing copy different for each “mini campaign,” but the product and service bundles were, too.

What can you do THIS month to insure that August is one of your best revenue months ever?

More »

Generate Instant Income All Year Long.

While an Annual Calendar of Promotions and Marketing Campaigns Can Steadily Build Your Revenues, Most Businesses Don’t Keep a Calendar (Or If They Do, They Don’t Follow It).

Here’s What to Include to Generate Instant Income All Year Long.

Recently I was talking with a friend in the non-profit sector about how to increase revenue from her charity’s “Annual Campaign.” An annual campaign is the organization’s entire year-long calendar of fund-raising activities — from direct-mail letters to telephone outreach to donor recruitment by board members and more.

This got me thinking about businesses that operate for profit. An annual calendar of activity also makes sense.

While many business owners have a system for keeping track of their schedules, their meeting agendas, to-do lists and daily calls, how many keep on their desk a “command center” that helps them systematically drive their business forward on a daily basis—by planning and recording progress on new profit centers they want to launch, cash-flow strategies they want to implement, future promotions they want to conduct, and more?

Think about your own business for a moment…

Are your income-generation activities planned week-by-week in advance? Do you constantly track your goals, numbers, people, research and other elements that make up an Instant Income-style, cash-flow centered business? Do you check off these daily to-do items as you accomplish them? Do you have a system for easily delegating various aspects of marketing implementation to your staff and outsource vendors?

Or do you find yourself constantly scrambling for emergency cash?

When I first produced the Instant Income Business Enhancement System home-study course, I included a comprehensive Cash-Flow Calendar that easily lets you plan activities in advance — whether or not you have staff who can implement these activities. Even solo entrepreneurs can use the calendar to stay on track. More »

Become Global – Join a Powerful Network

If You Have a Product or Service That Can Be Sold in Asia, I’d Like to Introduce You to a Network of Potential Partners Who Are 110% Focused on Creating Successful Partnerships and Building Thriving Businesses.

In China, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, the Typical Entrepreneur Doesn’t Suffer From “Bright Shiny Object” Syndrome.

If you live in a North American, European or other “Western” economy, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to recruit and work with joint venture partners, affiliates, referral partners or other types of strategic alliance parties. Often times, these potential partners are simply too busy to respond to your initial communication.

And even when they do agree to do business with you, there’s always another bright, shiny object that takes their focus away from launching and making your joint-venture successful.

Not so in Asia. More »