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Clearly state your marketing message – especially when borrowing $2.4 trillion

Honing Your 30-Second “Elevator Speech” Can Instantly Transform Your Marketing Message…

And Deliver a Huge Payoff in the Number of New Paying Customers You Get.

Though I’m no longer involved in Congressional campaigning as I was early in my career, I still watch with interest anytime our elected representatives in Washington, DC seem to be making a hash of “selling” something important to the American people.

Two weeks ago, the debt-ceiling debates in Congress were accompanied by the usual sideshow of television pundits, radio talk-show hosts, Congressional leaders, President Obama and thousands of others making lots of speeches… few of which clearly described the approaching default — or succinctly described a viable solution.

While I’ve never used this newsletter to make political statements (and I’m not now), there is a useful marketing lesson here.

In our fast-paced society, sound bites have become important — and making sure that your marketing message is clear, concise and compelling isn’t always easy. Take your own business, for instance. If you had just 30 seconds to communicate an offer, a telephone sales pitch, an in-store special or other marketing message… More »