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Could you sell more products and services outside your own country?

Going Global With Your Business Can Add Substantial Revenues You Never Knew Were Available

Now It’s Easier Than Ever to Get Into Relationship With People Who Are Market-Influencers Overseas

I’ll never forget the first month my business sold products and services on the Internet. Suddenly, we got calls, customers, and cash from business owners as far away as Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Israel, Dubai, Ireland and Argentina. Years later, the Revenue Report newsletter and free downloadable Instant Income reports are read by businesspeople in more than 80 countries–with product sales that nearly match that worldwide reach.

It occurred to me that your business, too, could benefit from “going global.” So I’ve dedicated this issue of the Revenue Report to showing you how to get started connecting to customers around the world.

Global Strategy #1: Decide if your product or service can be used, sold and shipped worldwide– and whether buyers in other countries will need it or want it. If you own a business, you should know that business knowledge, consulting services and advice are some of the most valuable and most exportable commodities Americans have. Take a look at the consulting work you do.

Are there people in other countries that need your type of expertise? How might you advertise it, sell it, and deliver it?

If you produce a unique, non-commodity product, can it be used and enjoyed by people overseas with different lifestyles, infrastructures, electrical systems, languages, monetary or tax systems, and other differences? If not, could you find someone to “localize” your product (or expertise) for foreign markets? More »