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Customer Relationship Marketing: CRM and Marketing to Past Buyers.

Overcoming Unpredictable Revenue and Boosting Stagnate Business Growth

System #2: Marketing to Your Existing Customers…

I want to help you install systems—just like your accounting system, payment system and inventory system—that will become part of the fundamental underpinnings of your well run, efficiently managed business.

For most businesses, getting new customers is their #1 priority, which is why I discussed how to establish a simple Prospecting and Lead-Generation System in the first module in this series.

Today, I want to help you establish System #2:  CRM and Marketing to Past Buyers.

CRM is the acronym we marketers use to say “Customer Relationship Management”. It’s also sometimes used to denote software applications that capture, store and communicate with customers in a database.

Why is managing the relationship with past buyers important?

Because you can often make more profit from existing customers (than from constantly bringing in new ones) simply because there is no cost to acquire that new customer. The entire purchase amount from that customer goes solely to (1) the cost of delivering the product or service, (2) the low cost of sending an email or letter to that customer to alert them to a unique offer, and (3) your profit.

What’s the checklist of tasks for setting up a CRM system and marketing to your past buyers? More »

The Steps To Overcoming Unpredictable Cash Flow and Stagnate Business Growth

finding cash flow

New 12-Week Series Dedicated to Finally Overcoming Unpredictable Cash Flow and Stagnate Business Growth

Spend the Next 90 Days (With My Help) Establishing Those Business Systems That Are Specifically Designed to Bring in the Cash…Predictably, Repeatedly and Easily

As business owners, we’re familiar with accounting systems, payment systems and inventory systems. Not only are these functions important, they’re also among the fundamental underpinnings of a well run, efficiently managed business.

And while most small businesses and consulting practices have these basic systems in place, unfortunately that’s often where the efficiency and management ends. Far more important areas of the business are run by gut instinct, with only random attention.

Spur-of-the-moment marketing… emergency sales efforts… an outdated website… lackluster new business development… these are the results of critical drivers that all too often go unplanned and unmanaged.

Yet marketing, sales, new business development and similar measures are the only business activities that actually bring in the cash.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to have pre-programmed, scientifically developed and intentionally planned systems (just like the ones that handle your accounting and inventory) looking after the cash-flow activities of your business?

Over the next 12 weeks, you CAN put these kinds of systems in place. And this newsletter is where you’ll find guidance on how to do it. More »