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Online Prospecting That Can Significantly Boost the Number of People You Sell To…

Gem Mine parking - Cherokee, NC

Before the holidays, I offered to spend 90 days helping you establish those business systems that are specifically designed to bring in the cash.

As your Income Advisor, I want to help you install 12 different systems—just like your accounting system, payment system and inventory system—that will become part of the fundamental underpinnings of your well run, efficiently managed business.

For most businesses, getting new customers is their #1 priority, which is why I discussed how to establish a simple offline Prospecting and Lead-Generation System in the first post in this series.

And System #2: Customer Relationship Marketing is here.

Today, I want to help you establish System #3: Your Online Prospecting Platform and Website Marketing Path

Most business owners understand the need for a website, but all too few understand what a website is really supposed to do. Your website is a delivery vehicle for your message, just like newspaper ads, postcards, telemarketing or direct-mail packages. And like those other devices, the Internet has its own checklist of requirements you must follow to make any campaign a success.

Your website must convince visitors to provide their name, email address and other identifying information in order to access a free buyer’s guide, online tutorial, downloadable checklist, subscription to valuable information, evaluation, self-audit or other instant giveaway that has value. The format of your giveaway item doesn’t matter—whether PDF, audio MP3 or other format—just as long as it can be easily opened, read, listened to, viewed or otherwise used by the people who opt-in at your site to get it.

It should be downloadable at your website to keep your delivery costs at zero. And it must be compelling. More »