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Generating More Profits from Your Marketing Activity

marketing plan 2013

Which Critical Drivers Will Create the RIGHT KIND of Results for Your Business This Year?

Whether you want to grow your business larger or keep it the size it is now, your goal should always be to generate more profit from the revenue you bring in—and to find other low-cost, minimal-effort income streams that can bring in additional profits for you.

In every business, there is a checklist of goals and targets that—when reached, surpassed and improved upon—continually drives revenue into the business and drives up profits.

We call these targets “critical drivers.”

To an insurance agent, critical drivers might be “number of cross-sells per customer” or “revenue per agent” or “amount required to trigger bonuses and overrides.”  For retailers, a critical driver may be “revenue per square foot.”

But from a marketing standpoint, the critical drivers of any business are things like number of new leads, response rate, number of unique website visitors, cart conversions, open rate, and more.  In this issue of the Revenue Report newsletter, I want to inspire you to identify, track, measure and meet the critical marketing drivers of your business.

The First Question to Ask: Are You Minding Your Metrics?

In every small business, there are “key profitability indicators”—information you need to know in order to decide if a particular income-generation activity is profitable and therefore worth continuing, expanding, or canceling altogether. More »