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Two-Step Marketing

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Two-step marketing is a prospecting system where you break the sales process into two or more parts. It’s often the best system to use when the prospect needs to be educated before they will purchase, when you sell expensive or high risk products (investing, advertising, cosmetic surgery), or when it’s important for them to try out your product or service before buying.

Here’s how it works:

Free ReportIn Step One, you use advertising vehicles — such as newspaper advertisements, radio spots, direct mail, press releases, contextual search on the Internet — to offer free information, sample items, a demonstration, a special report, an audio CD preview and so on to encourage prospects to identify themselves to you.

In Step Two, the informational item you promised does the job of converting the prospect into a buyer — or your salespeople follow-up with prospects once they’ve received or experienced the free item or service, then close the sale by telephone.

Just a few examples of two-step prospecting are:

• Expensive resort timeshares that offer you free vacations
• Ads that offer a free information kit when you call a toll-free phone number
• A martial arts studio that offers a free lesson or a health club that offers a free trial week

Why does two-step prospecting work?

First, your sales team wont be prospecting for cold leads, but rather will be focusing on well educated and well qualified prospects. Secondly, a compelling special report, audio CD, or DVD preview can be sent inexpensively to thousands of people at a time (or distributed free via the Internet at no cost) — converting a much larger group of prospects than you and your sales staff might ever be able to talk to personally personally.

In my next blog post, we’ll dig into two-step marketing in earnest by discussing how to run a two-step advertisement in the newspaper, a magazine, on the Internet and elsewhere.

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Finally, feel free comment on what you’ve read so far. Are you beginning to think differently about generating new customers — and ultimately cash — for your business?

Tell me by leaving a reply below.

Until next time,

Janet Switzer

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7 Responses to “Two-Step Marketing”

  1. Make Money W/O a Website or List Says:


    Thanks so much for the tips. I am now marketing a membership where I am having some trouble communicating to visitors how valuable it is.

    You’ve given me a great idea on how to educate my visitors and really show them how my site will really help them. Again, thank you,

    Jinger Jarrett

  2. Roger Crain Says:

    Two-step marketing! Sound like a winner to me.

  3. Erfan Says:

  4. Chia Seed! Says:

    I am curious about this 2-step process you mention here. Certainly, many online marketers seem to be extremely well served by it. I heard so much good about it that I’ve been using it since about late nov. 2008.

    The give-away item is a pdf format full color photo 28 page ebook. The product is (I would guess mid-range? 28 – 54 dollars) and a consumable physical good. However, so far what seems to be happening is that people are running off with the freebie and never coming back to buy.

    The give away can only be obtained by signing onto our mailing list which comes once a month or if there’s some sale announcement or something really special. It’s currently april and there are over 130 subscribers to the list. We’ve also clawed our way to Page 1 of google for our main (and popular) search term. But everyone is still just running away with the pdf. Sales aren’t where we’d like at all–even though EVERYthing seems to be in place and “exactly what THEY said to do or how ‘they’ succeded”

    What do you do when everyone takes step one but not two?

  5. Mike Brockman Says:

    Great post. I agree that two step marketing has proven to be an effective method for getting targeted customers.
    One key point is that it triggers those who are interested in what you’ve got to put up their hand and identify themselves. This qualifies them as potential buyers and allows you to focus energy on them and not waste any more time on those who aren’t interested.
    Furthermore, giving valuable information away for free to the prospects helps to build trust and credibilty, while also educating them on how your solution may be right for them.

  6. Bibi Apampa Says:

  7. Elaine Canaday Says:

    I believe this system can work. I am looking forward to hearing more. By the way I love your book, “Instant Income”. I just finished it and now I’m re-reading it to pick through the “gems” of your book for my specific business. Thank you so much.