The world-renowned cash-flow strategist who’s created instant income for Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jay Abraham, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown and other celebrity entrepreneurs has now agreed to reveal her powerful system to select small businesses worldwide….

Will one of them be you?


You’ve Heard About The Instant Income Strategies...

“Now Read About the 7 Proven Systems
That Could Turn Your Small Business Into
an Income-Generating, Strategy-Implementing,
Cash-Focused Machine…”

These Systems Don’t Require a Lot of Start-Up Capital to Establish. You Don’t Have
to Give Up Selling the Products or Delivering the Services You Do Now.

But You Do Have to Be Willing to Re-Focus Your Entire Organization...
From the Owner to the Employees to the Outsource Vendors,
Suppliers, Consultants, Everyone… On Solving The #1 Challenge
Faced By Virtually Every Small Business:

How to Bring In the Cash.

Would you like to make more money in your small business? Do you desperately need cash flow, but don’t have any extra money to spend on marketing or advertising? Do you wish an expert would give you a checklist of proven strategies to execute that could boost your income starting today?

If so, I want to “download” to you everything I know about creating cash in a small business.

If you’re about to close your doors on Friday, I have strategies that can help put money in your bank account by Thursday night. If you can’t pay your rent, can’t make payroll, can’t ship orders—or simply need cash to continue growing your small business—I have an entire step-by-step plan I want to send you for creating new sources of income seemingly overnight.

It’s the same checklist of strategies I’ve used to create $21,000 in 8 minutes for Jay Abraham, $105,000 in six weeks for Jack Canfield, and over a million dollars in 322 days for one of the top alternative healthcare services in America.*

How did I do it?

With simple, yet powerful systems and strategies that not only maximize what you’re already doing in your business—they help create new profit centers that provide steady streams of predictable, ongoing income.

If You Need New Customers,
Need to Make More Money from Existing Customers,
Wish Someone Else Would Create New Business for You…

Or Simply Need a Way to Implement All the Profitable
Activity You Know You Should Be Pursuing…

I urge you to turn off the phone, close the door and read every word of this important letter.

In it, I’ll reveal why I’ve decided to help you and other small businesses skyrocket your income over the next 12 months. I’ll reveal exactly how my series of proven strategies and powerful internal business systems could create burgeoning, continual cash-flow from your day-to-day business operations. I’ll even give you dozens of strategies you can try out right now to prove that these powerful systems can work for you.

Would all that be worth the few minutes it will take to read my letter?

Would you like to know exactly how I’ve created cash—seemingly overnight—for some of the biggest celebrity entrepreneurs you’ve heard of...Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, Yanik Silver, Les Brown and others?

sigBetter yet, would you like me to help you and your staff do the same in your small business?

If so—read on…




Janet Switzer

Dear Small Business Owner or Manager,

You may know me as the author of the #1 international bestselling book Instant Income. Or, you may have read The Success Principles, the New York Times bestseller I co-authored with Jack Canfield. Perhaps you’ve attended one of my international business-growth seminars… heard me on the radio or television…or read one of my special reports or white papers distributed to countless thousands of business owners around the globe.

My name is Janet Switzer. And for the last 23 years, I’ve been the “secret weapon” behind small and emerging businesses worldwide.

I’m also the woman who’s actually executed the day-to-day strategies that bring in the cash for many of the biggest name celebrities and companies you’ve heard of—Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, Les Brown and so many others. Not only do I produce the ads, the sales letters, the telemarketing scripts, press releases, email sequences and other devices that transform good strategies into great profits—I also establish the 7 proven internal systems that keep cash flowing long after the impact of these individual strategies is gone.

Recently, I set about describing these systems in detail—and ended up assembling a comprehensive business-growth curriculum that any small business owner could use to re-focus their business on bringing in the cash… even if they’re working with a shoestring budget (or no budget at all).

I put just one of these 7 systems into a new report that’s spreading like wildfire around the Internet. It’s called the Instant Income Planner—and it describes how to establish a new-business development system in your small business whether you own a service company, retail business, professional practice, hi-tech firm, manufacturing plant, network marketing business, consulting company or any other type of business.

If you've read this document, you’ll discover that—for the past 23 years—my strategies have made the phone ring, caused waiting lines in retail stores, persuaded floods of readers to click through to a website—and convinced them to pull out their wallets and buy.

Of course, I don’t say all these things to brag, but after 23 years’ worth of executing cash-creating campaigns that bring in the money, I’ve discovered from experience what works—and what doesn't. I’ve learned where to cut costs and how to eliminate them altogether. I’ve developed a “power Rolodex” of marketers, suppliers, copywriters and others who can help market goods and services for less. And unlike other experts who merely conjure up good ideas, I’ve actually been the one responsible for implementing income-generation strategies… day after day, week after week.

Along the way, I’ve discovered there’s a specific combination of 7 internal business systems—and dozens of executable strategies—that can bring in the cash quicker than you might ever imagine… and keep it flowing week after week.

What kind of systems, strategies and Instant Income successes am I talking about?

  • • When an elaborate business proposal I wrote was sent to just 25 people in New York, two weeks later the project I proposed won a contract from a News Corp. subsidiary worth millions of dollars. (The opening “bid” in the negotiations was $1.5 million.)*
  • • When I set up marketing, sales and publicity systems for an alternative healthcare practitioner—then invited 160 people to listen in on a teleseminar promoting a new consulting service for my client—he earned a staggering $1,018,729 in just 46 weeks.*
  • • When an unknown jewelry designer asked me to spend a few hours preparing a simple presentation for her new product line, within days she landed a contract from Dillard’s Department Store worth $259,000.*
  • • With an 8-minute phone call, I sold a modest amount of Jay Abraham’s obsolete product to a seminar company looking for back-of-the-room sales. Two weeks later, Jay started receiving checks totaling $21,000.* (Over four years, I helped build Jay’s publishing division from two flagship products to more than 327 titles. And even though I’ve moved on, Jay has repeatedly hired me back to handle specific projects—and given me this rousing endorsement…)

Jay Abraham"For nearly twelve years, Janet Switzer has worked directly or indirectly for my companies. From marketing development, core copywriting, re-packaging materials into new product offerings... she is highly capable, extremely dependable and conducts herself professionally and credibly.

A valuable resource... I recommend her with confidence!"

Jay Abraham
America's Highest Paid Marketing Guru
at a staggering $5,000 per hour


  • • For Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, I wrote a catalog in just six hours that bundled Jack Canfield’s products into expensive packages. Within days, he used it to make $31,000 from a single one-hour keynote speech. Later, I used a simple postcard strategy to sell 130 people into Jack’s expensive summer training and generated $105,000 in just six weeks IN CASH.*

What did Jack have to say about it?

Jack Canfield"The first strategy Janet developed for me turned a $572 expenditure into $31,000 in just six hours. Her second turned $1,280 into $105,000 in just six weeks.

It's no wonder I've sought Janet's day-to-day expertise over the years... she makes me tons of money, she brings valuable new products and services to my customers, she enables me to do positive things for people -- and she accomplishes it all with modest outlays, keen judgment and bullet-proof insight.

I regularly recommend her to others."

Jack Canfield
Originator of the New York Times #1 bestselling book empire
Chicken Soup for the Soul
with more than 100 million books sold worldwide


But Let’s Talk About YOUR Small Business for the Moment...
Would YOU Like to Be Earning Revenues Like These?

Better yet, would you like me to personally teach you and your staff how to establish these systems and execute these strategies in your small business... using the same Instant Income methods I’ve executed for the big name “celebrity” experts featured above?

I’d be happy to.

In fact—while I could easily carry on earning major fees from the “big guys” as I have in the past—today my passion is turning small businesses like yours into mega-successful, cash-creation machines that literally have the ability to transform how you live your life, spend your time and think about your future.

This transformation is easier than you think, by the way.

And look how quickly it can happen, too...


Eight Minutes for Jay Abraham, Six Hours for Jack Canfield,
Two Weeks to Get a Multi-Million Dollar Contract…

Are Those Results Fast Enough for You?

More importantly, would you like to know the powerful systems and strategies that could just as easily skyrocket your bank balances and catapult your business?

Well, suppose I told you that generating quick cash is often just a matter of knowing which strategies to execute first. And that making millions of dollars comes from simply knowing which systems will perpetuate, augment, build on and leverage what you’ve already accomplished.

It’s sort of like a plumber who spends 10 minutes tinkering with your pipes, then charges you $195 for knowing where to look.

Well, imagine looking at your business in the same efficient way—finding the problem in just a few minutes (or better yet, identifying the one thing you should be doing to make money, but aren’t)—then creating an entire system to make sure that activity keeps getting implemented!

The comprehensive business-growth curriculum I recently assembled is designed to turn you into this kind of specialist. Not only will you know where to look, you’ll know what to do once you find your biggest and most lucrative opportunity.

It’s common knowledge that most business owners get too caught up in the day-to-day operation of their business. Not only that, they often get stuck doing things the same way others in their industry do.

But imagine if you could spend your days working ON your business, instead of IN it—following the step-by-step guidance of someone who has the same vision and goals you do and who has the expertise and assurance to help make it happen for you!

Imagine having entire systems you could easily integrate into your business for ongoing cash-flow every month—systems that require just a phone call or a few strokes of the keyboard to sustain (or in some cases are 100% “hands-off” using today’s most efficient and proven automated technology). Better yet, imagine having a detailed guide at your disposal that will actually step you through the joint-venture calls to make, the marketing copy to write, where to place your ads, who to mail a sales letter to, what to say to prospective customers over the phone and on and on...all designed to create income for your business, seemingly overnight.

You can have these resources at your fingertips. In fact, the results I’m talking about are achievable by establishing the 7 simple systems that you could use to continually (and easily) produce:

  • • Prospective customers who are ‘pre-sold’ on your product or service...
  • • Website visitors who are looking to buy...
  • • Sales results that convert prospects to paying customers...
  • • Regular reports on profitability and marketing activity…
  • New business from exciting, non-traditional distribution channels...
  • • Publicity and media exposure that postures you as the leading expert or best provider...
  • • Staff whose sole focus is bringing in the cash.

But before you dismiss this entire letter—saying, “I don’t need all those things in my small business” —let me share some cold, hard facts...

Whether you like it or not, if you're in business—you're also in the marketing, sales, Internet, business development and publicity business. These activities are the life-blood of any enterprise. They’re how you attract customers, sell them goods and services... and keep them coming back for more.


But Forget About the Tired, “Old Style” Methods You've
Been Hearing About for Decades

You don’t have to spend months and months broadcasting your USP or testing headlines or writing another sleepy brochure—when a single phone call, one-page letter, 15-minute eblast, 60-minute teleseminar or other proven Instant Income device could put cash in your bank account almost immediately... then free up your time to move on to the next exciting strategy.

Today, the really smart business owners out there want to do more than just place newspaper ads, mail sales letters and generate product sheets. They know there are literally hundreds of different strategies for delivering your message and convincing buyers to open their wallets to you.

Best of all, many of these techniques take just minutes to execute.

In fact, my latest book from McGraw-Hill Publishers, Instant Income: Strategies That Bring In the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees and Occasional Entrepreneurs, identifies dozens of different strategies that can be developed and implemented immediately— strategies that, by themselves, could turn fast cash for your business. (And when they’re used in concert with each other…well, fasten your seat belts! And get ready to grow.)


35 “Checkpoints” Where You Could Be Generating
Instant Income Right NOW

The 35 strategies from the book were a revelation. Because not only did they generate rave reviews, they also caused countless thousands of business owners to look at their business in a whole new way. Suddenly, there were simpler ways (and more ways) to bring in the cash.

But the book also caused frustration for me as a business strategist.

Because while it does contain immediate ways to create emergency cash in a small business, I soon comprehended that if all readers did with the Instant Income strategies was execute random, spur-of-the-moment, make-emergency-cash types of promotions, the resulting cash would eventually run out—requiring readers to conduct even further spur-of-the-moment, make-emergency-cash types of promotions.

Bottom line? The Instant Income book alone can’t achieve the vision I have for your business.


My goal for you—instead—is to see you establish reliable,
methodical and workable systems in your business
that support the ongoing implementation of the
Instant Income strategies.

It’s why I created the comprehensive business-growth curriculum I mentioned a few moments ago—the Instant Income Business Enhancement System—a detailed and step-by-step program you can go through at your own pace to help you establish the 7 major systems that support repeated implementation of the Instant Income strategies as part of pre-determined plan.

What Are These 7 Major Systems?


Your Prospecting & Lead Generating System—A system that regularly generates ongoing inquiries or prospective customers who could be converted into paying customers immediately or in the future. Not only is this system fairly easy to establish, it’s easy enough that a staff member or part-time outsource vendor can manage it for you. You’ll learn about 11 different types of prospecting activities including 14 different referral programs that continually bring in new customers—all of which can be easily pre-programmed, pre-scheduled and executed with confidence.

Your Internet Selling System—An entirely new world awaits your business once you establish a simple three-page website that attracts interested prospects, captures their contact information, sells them into an entry-level product or service, and continually communicates with them via pre-programmed, automated technology. This simple sales and prospecting website—instead of a brochure site as many businesses have—is a transformational first step that will finally allow you to be proactive about communicating with your customers and prospects, and sending out regular offers.

Your Sales & Lead Conversion System—Once the first two Systems are generating interested prospects, you need a way to convert those leads into customers. Establishing a sales force will help bring in the cash. Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t believe they can afford a professional sales staff (and certainly not a sales manager), so the business owner ends up playing the salesperson role. But there are easy ways to set up a sales department—even if you’re a solo entrepreneur with no employees. Once your sales function is in place, you’ll need to develop a powerful communications path that constantly moves prospects through a process that convinces them to buy.

Your KPI Reporting System—KPI usually means key performance indicators—something major corporations use to give them a snapshot of the efficiency of their business operations. But for small businesses, it’s best to think of KPI as key profitability indicators—information you need to know in order to decide if a particular income-generation activity is profitable and therefore worth continuing, expanding, canceling altogether and so on. You can only get this information by regular reports gleaned from a system you set up to give you that information. With this sort of system, you can tell immediately whether a certain campaign worked, whether your sales scripts are working, and more.

Your New Business Development System—New business happens for a service business, a consulting firm, a wholesaler, manufacturer—or any type of business—when someone constantly identifies potential new clients, new accounts and new sources of customers. In establishing this important System in your business, you’ll learn the three-part process for initiating relationships that can turn into new sources of revenue for your company.

Your Publicity and Media System—For most small businesses, having an active presence in newspapers, on the radio, on television and in the media is an afterthought. But public relations is easily the most cost effective method for bringing new business and cash-flow into your business. If you’ve previously thought that press releases are unpredictable in their effectiveness, you’ll soon discover how to establish a Media System that generates real results.

Your Cash-Flow Generating Staff—For most business owners, treating every employee as a revenue center instead of a cost center requires a shift in their thinking. But if you have a system in place to ensure that your staff is empowered and instructed to make money…they will. Who are your cash-flow generating staff? Your salespeople, your new business development staff, your Internet promotions manager, your marketing implementation team, and others. But don’t assume that you must have lots of employees to use this system effectively. Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur with no employees and just outsource vendors handling things for you, the mind-set is the same—requiring them to approach their work with an eye toward generating the most cash-flow possible.


Most small businesses pursue only one or two of these activities—or they pursue them haphazardly, if at all. But what if your business was set-up as an Instant Income-style business?

  • • You would wake up every morning knowing your business has systems in place and trained staff who can use them to bring in revenue without your direct involvement...
  • You’d be free of the day-to-day headache of making payroll, paying bills, juggling your loan obligations and experiencing other financial stresses because there would be plenty of cash-flow to meet every need...
  • • You could fall in love with your work again, spending hours a day in your right livelihood pursuing the work that you're most passionate about while structured, automatic, methodical systems do the heavy-lifting of bringing in the cash...
  • You could pursue new aspects of the business, new directions, strategic alliances, new product or service offerings -- because your basic business would be running smoothly, profitably and as planned...
  • • You would know more about generating revenue than 99% of your competitors whose time is taken up working in their business, rather than ON it…as you would be.


Not Only Is This Dream Scenario Possible, It Simply
Doesn't Make Sense to Run Your Business Any Other Way!

I know you’re working hard to achieve the vision you have for your small business. To help you establish these 7 powerful systems—and quickly execute the Instant Income strategies in your business—I’ve packed a number of highly detailed, finely tuned, super-focused resources into the Instant Income Business Enhancement System to help you move forward rapidly…and with confidence.

The Business Enhancement System addresses exactly what's needed in today's business climate. And unlike other 'programs' you may have seen recently, this masterwork is no puff piece made up of filler content and cobbled-together 'reprints.'


Business System

It's a different body of work you'll see from these individual components:

The Instant Income Cash-Flow Calendar... the command center of the course. It’s a handsome leatherette portfolio you can keep right on your desk. And it includes two sections to help you accomplish the two most important Instant Income goals:

Cah-flow plannerGoal #1: Establish a week-by-week annual calendar that keeps you focused.

One of the greatest deficiencies of most small businesses is they do not establish any type of annual marketing calendar—nor do they follow it. Instead, they approach income-generation haphazardly—or worse, whenever they need money. You have the ability to overcome this deficiency in your own business—and even out-market your competitors—simply by developing a calendar that keeps you focused on executing and implementing strategies...on establishing these continual cash-flow systems… and on creating new customers.

Goal #2: Establish systems that support cash flow—and help you execute Instant Income strategies that bring in the cash.

Over 120 pages of easy-to-use worksheets—included with the Cash-Flow calendar—will help you and your staff execute individual strategies and establish important systems. For example: If you’ve never written a newspaper ad before or established a display advertising program…no problem. Included is an actual planning worksheet to make sure your advertisements include all the right elements to compel readers to make a buying decision. The Business Enhancement System even gives you a tutorial for negotiating your advertising rates down to as low as 70% off. Plus, a sample Advertising Insertion Order lets you deal with newspaper reps with confidence. Dozens of other worksheets and planning tools help you do so much more.


The Instant Income Systems Manual is a step-by-step guide dedicated to helping you establish the 7 cash-flow systems.

Instant Income ManualIn stunning detail across 320 full pages, it walks you through establishing all 7 systems I’ve talked about today:

  • • Your Prospecting & Lead Generation System
  • • Your Internet Selling System
  • • Your Sales & Lead Conversion System
  • • Your KPI Reporting System
  • • Your New Business Development System
  • • Your Publicity & Media System
  • • Your Cash-Flow Generating Staff & Outsource Vendors

Along the way it includes complete tutorials, planning guides, sample promotional pieces, a dealmaking and negotiating grid for your staff, easy-to-follow forms to fill-in to help you plan, even hiring scripts for bringing different professionals into your business who can bring in the cash.


Part of the feedback I’ve gotten about the Instant Income book is that it feels like Janet is standing right over your shoulder telling you exactly what to do, step-by-step. I’m very proud of that feedback. And it’s an element I’ve brought to the Instant Income Business Enhancement System.

Not only that, but the Systems Manual also serves as an organized reference directory to the Instant Income strategies—giving you step after step fully explained in exacting detail for implementing complete marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, joint ventures, pricing strategies, negotiating techniques, referral systems, Internet press releases and other instantly actionable strategies that are designed to help generate cash in a small business—regardless of the products or services you offer

Make no mistake: These strategies are designed to be used by all types of small businesses... from retailers to service providers to consultants, manufacturers, professional practitioners—even weekend entrepreneurs or hobby businesses. Some may be appropriate now…while others will be more appropriate later, after you’ve established the Instant Income systems in your business.


The Advertising & Copywriting Course will help you write the actual marketing pieces and other devices that help bring in the cash.

copywriting guideIt’s no secret amongst veteran marketers that a specific style of copy makes the phone ring more than any other. It’s called direct-response copywriting and I’ll teach you how to use it to create the most successful income-generation campaigns your business has ever seen.

This comprehensive audio short-course details powerful, direct-response advertising principles and is designed to help you master the 16 different components of a well-crafted ad or sales letter – including the headline, the headline stack, the salutation, lead paragraph, bullets, testimonials, rationale, call-to-action, offer, close, postscript and more.

Copywriting like this is a learned skill – and I’ll teach you how to generate the direct-response style copy that helps sell products and services of all kinds.




resources forinstant incomeNearly 100 Campaigns and Other Devices from My Personal Advertising & Marketing Archive

To help you get going quickly, I’ve decided to make the unprecedented move of opening my private archives of advertising and marketing campaigns so you can review, learn from and emulate them as you're applying what you learn from the other tutorials in the Business Enhancement System.

It's so much easier to write a sales letter, craft a newspaper ad, send an email or execute any other type of Instant Income campaign when you can see how someone else has successfully executed the same kind of offer.

When you order the Instant Income Business Enhancement System today, you'll receive this private archive of nearly 100 samples in almost a dozen categories from display ads to teleseminar scripts to email campaigns to sales letters, catalogs, postcards and so much more.

For instance:

  • You'll get the actual email campaign that registered thousands of eager listeners for Mark Victor Hansen's teleseminars -- plus a scripted teleseminar outline that generated tens of thousands of dollars in sales over the 24 hours following the teleseminar...
  • • You'll get Jay Abraham's very first catalog that used compelling direct response copy to sell products priced from $500 to $5,000 -- and generated a 1,200% return on expenditure...
  • You'll see a jewelry store sales letter that caused a flood of walk-in customers, many of whom waited up to 45 minutes to be helped by the retail clerks...
  • • You'll get a trade-show directory ad that generated $359,000 a month worth of business from major retailers for a small golf-bag manufacturing company...
  • You'll get an email sequence that routinely sells $1,000-per-hour consultations...
  • • You'll even get an entire product launch campaign that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars over just 10 days for a new-product release -- including all webpages used, 10 different affiliate email broadcasts, the main online sales letter for the new product, the complete email sequence that convinced prospects to buy, the free giveaway report used to kick-off the campaign -- even the affiliate information kit that convinced celebrities like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Yanik Silver and others to mail for the campaign.

There's so much more in this "Best Of" my private archive of marketing campaigns, postcards, sales letters, display advertisements, catalogs, teleseminar scripts, email campaigns, and more. Nearly 100 items are included when you purchase the Instant Income Business Enhancement System today.

Instant Income BookFinally, the Instant Income book (including the Instant Income Overnight Audit) will help you determine which strategies to execute first.

To help you jump-start the cash-flow in your business, I’m including a copy of my #1 bestselling book, Instant Income. It not only helps you locate hidden income opportunities in your business, it details 35 strategies that bring in the money within hours, days or weeks.

Can’t decide which strategy to start with?

The Overnight Audit (starting on page 215 of the book) helps you calculate how much you can expect to make from each strategy—using real-time data from your own business—then ranks your strategies in priority order for you.

It literally walks you through every single strategy, asking you to jot down the exact products you’ll upsell, which customers you’ll convert into a continuity program, which prospects you’ll follow up on using outbound telemarketing, and so on—then calculates the money you can expect to earn from executing each individual strategy…so you can decide which strategy to pursue first!

If the Audit results tell you, for example, that you’ll make $39,000 from Strategy A, but you’ll make $63,000 by executing Strategy B—of course you’ll want to pursue Strategy B right away.

I put the entire audit at the Instant Income website, by the way, so you can calculate everything online. Plus the online version ranks your final results and produces a nice, clean, easy-to-read report of all your plans and anticipated financial outcomes.




Could Your Business Operate More Smoothly and
Profitably Once You’ve Established These 7 Proven Systems?

Not only will the combination of resources in the Instant Income Business Enhancement System help keep you on-track—more importantly—it will re-focus you and your entire company on creating cash-flow and establishing systems that help the business run more smoothly and more profitably.

All told, the Business Enhancement System is focused… precise… actionable… and respectful of your time and budget.

Now let me ask you a question…

How much instant income could your business make with 7 powerful systems in place—and a confident staff executing simple cash-generation strategies on a daily or weekly basis? Could you double, triple…even multiply your revenues by 10 times or more?

Well, considering that an increase of 100% or more in your revenues is a very real possibility, what would you pay to have someone walk you through the process of establishing these powerful systems—then guide you as you diligently implement strategy after strategy designed to bring in the cash?

Would $5,000…$20,000…even $50,000 be a reasonable amount compared to what you could earn over the next year or two?


Get the Instant Income Business Enhancement System
for a Fraction of What You Could Earn…And a Fraction
of What I Normally Charge

It’s probably no secret that when I consult individually with business owners, I charge $1,000 an hour just to talk to them by telephone. If I were to work personally on your business, my retainer would start at $15,000 a month with a three-month minimum commitment. And it’s long been common knowledge that my celebrity clients have paid multiple six-figure sums to have me develop and implement these powerful strategies in their business.

But I don’t want to charge you anywhere near $1,000…$15,000…or $100,000.

For the complete Instant Income Business Enhancement System—including the Cash-Flow Calendar, the comprehensive Systems Manual, the Advertising & Copywriting Course and the bonus Private Marketing Archive, your price is just $797$497 when you purchase during this limited, offer period.

At this price, the Instant Income Business Enhancement System is simply unlike anything else out there!

Less Than an Ad Agency, Business Consultant, Executive Recruiter
or Sales Trainer Would Charge for Half the Information

If you hired an ad agency, website designer, marketing firm, business consultant, P.R. firm, sales trainer, executive recruiter or other “professional” to build these systems, then implement individual strategies for you, you’d expect to pay thousands—each—for just a few hours of their time and a few pages of ideas. More than $30,000 to $50,000 total would not be outside the realm of possibility, in fact.

Unfortunately, these “professionals” probably wouldn't know how to execute even half of the Instant Income strategies, let alone advise you on creating reliable, methodical, workable systems in your business that bring in the cash. (In fact, it wouldn’t be in their best interest to help you become independent, since the more work they do for you, the higher fees they can charge.)

In truth be told, $797 $497 would probably get you only about 90 minutes of their “consulting” time... with few (if any) real strategies explained or written down for you.

Of course, you could pay thousands of dollars to attend a “millionaire” seminar or industry training program—only to find out the “star” speakers and trainers never do the work themselves and can’t explain exactly how to implement strategy or build internal systems. Too often, there’s simply no one at these events who lives these action steps on a regular basis—or can even help you prioritize what’s important for your business.


What a waste of time and money when you could be experiencing laser-like focus—building an Instant Income-style business with my help.

Without a doubt, the Instant Income Business Enhancement System is simply unlike any course, program, seminar or coaching program you’ve ever experienced—or have even heard about. In fact, it’s more like becoming a privileged client of a Madison Avenue advertising agency or having a six-figure Vice-President of Marketing down the hall.



Get 8 Weeks’ Worth of My Personal Guidance as You Establish
Your New Instant Income Systems

To make certain the Business Enhancement System is a better-than-incredible value, over eight full weeks—via intensive strategic planning sessions—I’ll guide you in utilizing the planning guides, worksheets, calendar features and other implementation tools it includes.

I’ll help you immediately identify where revenue can be made quickly in your business. I’ll point you to sample promotions you can emulate. I’ll walk you through complete procedures for setting up systems and executing strategies. I’ll even connect you with vendors and suppliers you should know about. And when you begin to see initial results—I’ll help you turn those results into long-term, ongoing income from the customers, prospects, sales and other relationships that emerge.

If you’ve ever wanted your own cash-creation specialist, direct-response marketer, high-powered deal-maker or career business professional to help you generate emergency cash (then help you generate predictable streams of ongoing cash-flow, week after week)…

…this is your opportunity to get my guidance as you go to work on your business.

It’s just like becoming one of my celebrity clients—only better.

Because, unlike most of my clients who ask me to work on specific revenue streams or specialized marketing campaigns, I want to help you look at dozens of ways to make money in your small business. Not only that, but I’ve pre-recorded these advisory sessions so you can listen to them again and again.


What will these audio strategy sessions do for you?

• They’ll introduce you to dozens of different strategies for compelling people to buy.

• They’ll help you identify countless people who’ll consider doing business with you.

• They’ll walk you through no-cost, low-effort profit centers that practically run themselves – dumping money into your bank account while you run the more enjoyable aspects of your business.

• They’ll help you have fun again as you get your products and services out to more people whose lives could be improved by them.

• They’ll act as your external marketing director giving you entire campaigns to emulate, proven ads to model and actual copy points to use.

• They’ll even train your sales staff to close more deals and sell more product when they do make a sale


I want you to be as well-versed and confident as I am in executing these Instant Income strategies. But more importantly, I want you to quickly grasp the mindset, the instincts and the working knowledge that will help you recognize any income opportunity and immediately know how to leverage it for massive cash-flow into your bank account.

I'll even invite your staff listen in, if you wish, so everyone at your business can hear the same advice, the same way.


During Week One, I'll help you determine how to get prospective customers to look at your product or service in a way that 'pre-sells' them before they ever contact you or visit your store.

In Week Two, we'll strategize how to transform your website from a brochure site into an Internet selling system that generates entry-level buyers you can sell more expensive products and services to later.

In Week Three, we'll examine your sales force -- if you have one -- and if you don't, I'll walk you through determining what kind of sales function you need, how to afford seasoned professionals, how to develop a sales tracking system and how to determine your ideal sales communications path.

During Week Four, I want to speak directly to your marketing implementation team (even if it's just you) about the most important reports and numbers to track in your business.

Week Five is all about new-business development -- finding channels of distribution, building your retail accounts, locating non-traditional outlets for your product or service, and recruiting other businesses who can send paying customers to you.

In Week Six, I'll step you through how to get free media exposure and publicity that builds your business and your reputation -- using the same strategies used by Hollywood's top starmakers.

During Week Seven, I'll speak to you about hiring incredibly competent people who can help you bring in the cash. I'll teach you how to compensate them at virtually no cost to you and how to delegate your most important cash-flow generating activities to them with confidence.

We'll wrap up this strategic advisory series in Week Eight with a plan that will keep you on track as you and your staff move forward. Turning your business around and transforming it into an efficient, well-oiled machine could literally be just an 8-week process -- if you have guidance and you diligently apply what you learn.

With this BONUS addition of the 8-week strategy series, I don't know of any other business-building program that provides the level of detail the Business Enhancement System does...or includes the comprehensive worksheets and planning tools it does...or delivers the kind of step-by-step instructions it will to help you implement with confidence.

You’ll get 8 full weeks of my guidance—8 power-packed sessions 

in all—as my gift when you purchase the Instant Income Business
Enhancement System today. Plus you'll save $300 off the
regular price of $797 if you purchase today!



Once You Have the Systems in Place, You Too Could
Be Regularly, Methodically and Dependably Executing
These Powerful Instant Income Strategies…With Ease

Exactly what kinds of strategies and pre-scheduled, pre-planned systems will I teach you to set up that could produce actual, take-it-to-the-bank cash flow for your business?

    • • How about re-activating past customers, clients and patients for countless thousands in windfall revenue? Don’t give up on these folks simply because they’ve stopped calling or coming in! In just five minutes, I gave a fully-developed re-activation strategy to one sales manager who was losing a whopping 63% of his customers every year!
    • • Or how about another little-known strategy for buying a $1,000 space ad for $500 or less? If you run display advertising of any kind, get ready to cut your budget in half and pocket the savings in cold, hard cash.
    • • Or why not develop a national revenue stream from a newspaper ad you run only in your home-town paper? (I know of a $2,000,000 business built this way that spent just $100 to start.*)
    • • Why not “hire” a college-educated writer to develop a sophisticated press campaign for you, for little more than the cost of an email account plus $25 a month? You’ll be amazed at what just one or two well-placed articles can do for your business – even if you operate “just” a local retail or service business.
    • • I’ll give you an easy-to-implement strategy for selling your product or service to your competitor’s customers…with your competitor’s blessing and assistance! Never heard of such a thing? I’ll walk you through it.
    • • I’ll tell you exactly what to do if you’re lucky enough to be in a high-traffic retail area. Plus, I’ll give you a little-known way to maintain a storefront at multiple locations around your strip mall or shopping center – without paying your landlord any extra rent! (I’ll even tell you how to get other local retailers to send their customers “down the street” to shop at your store.)
    • • I’ll help you make the most of trade shows – whether you exhibit or not. I’ll step you through conducting preview seminars, tele-advisory sessions…even free lectures and workshops that bring in new business the same day you hold them. Announce your seminar on Friday, conduct it on Tuesday – and have money in your bank account by Wednesday night!
    • • If you don’t already have your own salespeople, I’ll help you develop an entire network of non-traditional “salespeople” who can talk about your product or service – and be paid only when they make a sale for you. I’ll even show you how to turn your customer service staff into superbly talented salespeople – even if they don’t have any previous sales training!
    • Have you asked your vendors and suppliers to send you some money lately? I have a proven strategy for getting them to write checks that could help grow your business.
    • • If you’re too small or don’t have enough money to launch a sophisticated telemarketing campaign, I know a way that you – the business owner – can “call” each and every one of your customers and prospects with a friendly message and compelling offer… without ever picking up the phone. Not only that, it costs just 11 cents per name—but only when you use this little-known technology I’ve identified.
    • • We’ll show you how to discount your prices for one-time promotions – but give a specific reason for doing it – so that customers not only buy in droves…they’re happy to buy later without expecting such discounts again.
    • • I’ll help you compete with the mega-store down the street – even helping you charge more for the same exact products. I’ll even give you a unique strategy for capturing one segment of the marketplace the big chain stores routinely overlook!
    • Do you work out of your home office? I’ll give you the complete plan for setting up a virtual company that looks big – with customer service personnel, a billing department, an executive assistant, even someone to respond to emails – for considerably less than you’d pay for just one of these folks in a “real” office setting.
    • • I’ll even help you create an entire annual schedule of specific marketing activity, new product launches, telemarketing promotions, industry events, one-day sales, advertising campaigns and other calculated, pre-scheduled business-development activity. Then, I’ll go one step further and actually give you the details that will help you put the plan into action.


Are you beginning to get the picture? Do you see how your business might substantially change or grow…seemingly overnight?

And this is just a sampling of the Instant Income Business Enhancement System at work!

Making money isn’t rocket science.

There are fabulous strategies everywhere you look. But with so much good information out there, it still amazes me that people aren’t implementing them.

Often times, they don’t know where to start. They don’t know the words to say, the copy to write or the vendors to call to make it all happen. They don’t know how to take what they read and turn it into cash-creating campaigns for their own business. In other words, they rarely execute the profit-producing information that’s sitting right under their nose.



Is Implementation Stopping You?

As the woman in the background executing instant income campaigns day-after-day, I know it’s tough to write the sales letters, design the ads, make the phone calls and negotiate the deals.

Often times, the biggest problem is deciding what campaigns to do in the first place. In fact, you’ve probably seen dozens of things you’d like to try, but with a limited budget or limited expertise or limited confidence or limited contacts, maybe you’ve simply fallen back on what works.

You’re afraid to waste your money, squander your time or gamble your reputation by implementing badly.

But what if you had a detailed guide that gave you the steps, that gave you the words to say and even steered you to resources who are happy to help you?

I’m talking about real-life executable tasks – not theory from a “life coach” or generalized ideas from a big weekend seminar – but solid, step-by-step, ongoing execution and implementation guidance… adapted for all kinds of small businesses.

After all, who cares about the “training programs” designed for the millions of other small businesses out there?

The Business Enhancement System has the tools to help you focus with laser-like precision on your business operations, challenges, opportunities and resources.

Could Making Instant Income in the Next Few Days Save Your Business? Or Could It Be the Breakthrough That Gets You Where You Want to Be?

Over the years, as I’ve shared these instant income strategies individually with business owners, they’ve returned the favor by sending me faxes, letters and emails about how these Instant Income Strategies worked for them. Listen to what they have to say about the impact of these strategies on their business:

"She's One of The Best Marketing Minds On The Planet"

MV Hanson"Janet Switzer is one of the best marketing minds on the planet with a unique talent for producing profits I can bank. She's easily made me hundreds of thousands of dollars with her simple strategies, including one that makes me over $100,000 every time I use it.

Janet educates my staff on how to leverage these programs for even greater gains. And I know she does the same for companies in all sorts of industries. She can do the same or more for you."

Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul®


Les Brown"In just 20 minutes on a Tuesday evening, Janet Switzer gave me a complete strategy for boosting revenues in my company. By Thursday afternoon, we had brought in an extra $332,650. The Instant Income system works so well, the results will take your breath away."

Les Brown, world renowned media personality and motivational speaker

"Exceptional Talent and Insight!"

Laurie Jones"Janet Switzer is a wordsmith of exceptional talent and insight. She goes the extra mile to assure that people catch the essence of what you have to offer, and her words make them want it!"

"I heartily recommend her to anyone."

Laurie Beth Jones

Best-selling author of Jesus CEO and The Path and
Founder of Pathfinders value-centered consulting affiliates

"She's Savvy, Practical and Reliable..."

Michael Hutchison"In a world that echoes with the dubious claims of thousands of so-called marketing experts, Janet Switzer doesn't just talk -- she delivers. She's savvy, practical and reliable... and the profits she creates are nothing short of extraordinary.

Her programs make companies tons of money, while they leave business owners saying "Why didn't I think of that?" She takes a little money, combines it with a lot of expertise and creates profits beyond your wildest dreams."

Michael Hutchison
Former VP of Sales & Marketing and Developer of
Anthony Robbins Mastery University for Robbins
Research International

"One Idea Janet Gave Me, Made
Me $173,000 in 2 Weeks"

Yanik"For most people, Janet's name is completely unknown, but to those "in the know" she's the secret marketing weapon behind many of the biggest names in marketing.

Janet's specialty is showing you how to take your information product and re-package it as a super expensive package (I'm talking $5,000, $10,000 or even $25,000 or more).

If you've ever wanted to transform your ideas into millions of dollars in revenue from certification programs, home-study courses, tele-seminars, boot camps, subscription consulting and other super-lucrative areas, don't you dare miss this opportunity."

Yanik Silver
Expert Internet Marketer


"Asking one of my clients to talk about his experience in print brought us 5 new paying clients in the first three hours alone and 13 sign-ups by the end of the day--for an extra $10,387 in our bank account that day. By the end of the workweek, we had brought in a total of $29,563--an increase of 800%. --

James E. Smith, CCH


Dr. Len Shwartz"As a chiropractor with an extensive marketing background, I created a monthly practice-building service to help other doctors. At $1,500 a month for the service, the program began generating $60,000 a month within 60 days."

Dr. Len Schwartz


"I sent the email out this afternoon. [My assistant] just told me we've had 51 responses in the first two to three hours..."

Sean Smith, consultant

Sean Smith


Melissa Burch""I started with Janet's course and made $45,000 from my first email campaign -- which was amazing since previously I'd been lucky to earn $4,000. I cannot praise Janet enough for her expertise and no-nonsense approach. The [advice] was tailor-made for a small-business owner like me with lots of start-up ideas. Janet gets my whole-hearted recommendation."

Melissa Burch, CCH,
Classical Homeopath

Could You Be Joining Them In
Just Minutes When You Order the
Business Enhancement System?


Your $797 $497 payment represents just a fraction of the actual value you’ll receive – plus, when compared to what you could be generating in your business from the Instant Income systems, it’s easily the best return* on expenditure available today.

To find out for yourself what that “return” could be, click here to order the Instant Income Business Enhancement System. Once you do, you’ll receive complete welcome instructions about your shipment, the bonus strategy series, your bonus Private Marketing Archive and other important details.

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Janet SwitzerWarmly,




Author of Instant Income and New York Times bestselling
coauthor of The Success Principles with Jack Canfield

P.S. One more thing. It should be important to you. I’m so confident these strategies will help you generate cash-flow in your business that I’m happy to guarantee your purchase price if you decide the Business Enhancement System just isn’t for you. Simply return the materials in good condition within 30 days of receiving them and your purchase price will be returned. No questions asked. No hard feelings, either. I look forward to helping you succeed.



Save $300 off the regular price of $797
if you purchase today!


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