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Page 64 Teleconferencing Services

Large-group conference calling companies abound who can set you up for a 60-minute, 90-minute or virtually any other timed conference call. Many have additional features built into these calls such lecture-only mode (where all listeners are muted) and even digital recording of the call so you can post a link to the teleconference call on your website.

Below are services I and other experts use to conduct marketing-oriented teleseminars and large-group conference calls:

Black & White Communications / Brainwave Communications
San Diego, California
(619) 308-3600

Eagle Teleconference
Rushville, Illinois
(217) 322-3300

New York, NY
(212) 200-5555

Page 87 Randall Blaum and David Scotland, Marketing Experts International

With such clients as Madonna, N.E.C. America, Lucasfilm THX Corporation, Honda, Hyatt, Tribune Media, MGM, Warner Brothers, Disney and Dreamworks to their credit, Randall Blaum and David Scotland know the media game and what it takes to "make it big" with media outlets such as television, film, radio, and print.

Randall Blaum is the "hidden genius" behind multi-part advertising and marketing campaigns you've undoubtedly seen in such notable publications as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Post Intelligencer, The Sun Times, Scottsdale Tribune, USA Today, and others. His multi-step comprehensive marketing and advertising campaigns have been received by over 1.5 billion people worldwide producing hundreds of millions in revenue. In addition to his award-winning, 25-year marketing & executive management career, Randall was the executive producer for MGM's multi-part entertainment series featuring Kurt Russel, Vanessa Redgrave, Kathleen Turner, Dennis Quaid, Mary Stuart Masterson, Holly Hunter, Liam Neeson, Carl Reiner, Jeremy Irons, and supermodel Elle MacPherson.

David Scotland is an acclaimed film producer and film marketer, and has been involved with hundreds of corporate and Hollywood projects including working with many top stars and organizations like: Dolly Parton, Kevin Kline, Tricia Yearwood, Danny Thomas, the Kirov Ballet, Habitat for Humanity, David Mirisch Enterprises, The Tony Hawk Foundation, eWomen Network, and Layers of Light International.


Page 119 Autoresponder Services

Many services exist to help you collect names at your website, store them, manage them—then send out bulk promotional emails to these names whenever you wish.

Aweber Communications provides a simple, inexpensive autoresponder, while 1ShoppingCart provides an autoresponder service tht allows you to upgrade to an e-commerce package—and ultimately, afull-service professional affiliate tracking system.




Page 185 Jeff Walker, Product Launch Campaign Formula

Just two years ago, the Internet was instantly abuzz after a solo entrepreneur ran a sophisticated product launch campaign and sold over $1,000,000 worth of product in a single day. Soon, similar stories began making the rounds.

Internet marketing strategist and behind-the-scenes advisor Jeff Walker first perfected the Product Launch Formula—and today, more and more website owners and solo entrepreneurs are using his system to generate tremendous excitement and staggering revenue around a new-product release or an existing product's re-release. To read more, visit Jeff's website:


Page 199 Rich Schefren, Internet Business Advisor

The business coach who helps generate huge boosts in income for hundreds of small businesses and e-commerce enterprises, Rich Schefren has a track record of helping business owners bring in the cash. Find out more about Rich by visiting his website at:


Page 208 Yanik Silver, Internet Marketing Apprenticeship Program

Internet marketing expert Yanik Silver offered a $14,500 apprenticeship program in which apprentices chose one of Yanik's many ideas for businesses that he knew would succeed on the Internet, but he didn't have time to launch himself. Over a year's time, Yanik worked directly with each apprentice to build an e-commerce business—from launching the Web site to securing the affiliate relationships to acquiring the products and making a profit.

At the end of the program, the apprentices took ownership of the businesses they had built with Yanik—and along the way they learned every detail of launching and operating a thriving Internet business. The program was so unique that it literally oversold by 68 percent in the first two weeks Yanik offered it, even though it was one of the most expensive programs in the Internet field.

Yanik Silver now sells a home-study version of his program. For details, visit his website:


Page 277 Stephanie Frank, Small Business Systems Expert

In her exceptional book The Accidental Millionaire, my good friend Stephanie Frank details many powerful strategies for organizing small enterprises, including one that has literally transformed my business. Instead of constantly reinventing individual processes or re-explaining established systems to new vendors or virtual help that I might bring on, Stephanie urged me to write down how each transaction is performed, then keep a notebook of these individual explanations that can be photocopied or e-mailed any time I launch a new project.

This way, everyone knows which technologies we use, how they're set up, and how they can be monitored and updated when necessary. This allows me to delegate 100 percent of certain functions to other people, so that I can focus on what I do best.

Stephanie Frank advises small businesses in 25 countries on the systems and strategies to manage spectacular growth. You can get a free copy of Stephanie's system at her website - click here:


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