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In the Next 30 Minutes, I’d Like to Help You Turnaround Your Small Business By Giving You 101 ‘Instant Income’ Strategies Designed to Immediately
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Dear Small Business Owner,

My name is Janet Switzer. You may have heard of my New York Times bestselling book, The Success Principles—or my international #1 bestseller Instant Income: Strategies That Bring In the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees and Occasional Entrepreneurs. Perhaps you’ve seen me on television, heard me on the radio, read about me in the Wall Street Journal (or thousands of other media outlets), or seen me live at prestigious business events across Europe, Asia, North America and elsewhere.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been the secret business advisor creating cash-flow and robust new profit centers for many of the biggest name celebrity experts you've heard of.

Jack Canfield… Mark Victor Hansen… Chicken Soup for the Soul… Jay Abraham… Les Brown… David Bach… Yanik Silver… Stephen Pierce… All these stars have been my high profile clients.

And not only did they pay me a fortune to create income for their businesses – they also gave me the opportunity to amass a knowledge bank of detailed marketing strategies, powerful advertising techniques, proven sales and telemarketing scripts, superlative negotiating techniques, high profile joint-venture strategies, easy asset-leveraging methods, proven Internet tactics, immediate publicity maneuvers and more...

All designed to put cash in the bank in just hours...days... or weeks.

Jack CanfieldOf course, I don’t say all this to brag—but merely to demonstrate what can happen when you assemble a system of strategies that generates results like these:

For Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, I wrote a catalog in just six hours that bundled Jack Canfield’s products into expensive packages. Within days, he used it to make $31,000 from a single one-hour keynote speech. Later, I used a simple postcard strategy to sell 130 people into Jack’s expensive summer training and generated $105,000 in just six weeks IN CASH.*

• With an 8-minute phone call, I sold a modest amount of Jay Abraham’s obsolete product to a seminar company looking for back-of-the-room sales. Two weeks later, Jay started receiving checks totaling $21,000.* (Over four years, I built Jay’s publishing division from two flagship products to more than 327 titles. And even though I eventually moved on, Jay repeatedly hired me back to handle specific projects—and gave me this rousing endorsement…)

Jay Abraham"For nearly twelve years, Janet Switzer has worked directly or indirectly for my companies. From marketing development, core copywriting, re-packaging materials into new product offerings... she is highly capable, extremely dependable and conducts herself professionally and credibly. A valuable resource... I recommend her with confidence!"

Jay Abraham America's Highest Paid Marketing Guru at a staggering $5,000 per hour


• When motivational speaker Les Brown called me from the road for some last-minute advice, I quickly gave him a product offer and sales script that helped him generate over $300,00 in just 48 hours! He later wrote this about it:

Les Brown“In just 20 minutes on a Tuesday evening, Janet Switzer gave me a complete strategy for boosting revenues in my company. By Thursday afternoon, we had brought in an extra $332,650. The Instant Income system works so well, the results will take your breath away.”

Les Brown Legendary motivational speaker, talk-show host and author of Live Your Dreams


• And when I set up marketing, sales and publicity systems for the world’s leading alternative healthcare practitioner—then invited 160 people to listen in on a teleseminar promoting a new consulting service for my client—he earned a staggering $1,018,729 in just 46 weeks.* Here’s what one insider had to say about the strategy:

“In reviewing the accounting records of a company I was involved with, I was amazed to see that a consultant named Janet Switzer had earned that company over a million dollars in just 46 weeks. She turned a profit center that was hardly worth the effort into the most profitable division in the company. It immediately jumped from producing the company a few thousand dollars a month to producing serious cash flow. $169,147…$122,138…$150,849 were typical months. I was astounded. No one in their industry had seen revenues anywhere near this high, and this company was doing it month after month! Their name recognition went through the roof. The whole strategy was brilliant, calculated, masterful and highly effective. Simply amazing! Retaining Janet Switzer, and trusting in her strategies, was unequivocally the best decision they had made in over a decade of doing business.”

Gary Handwerker Chief Executive Officer, Handwerker Consulting, Business Systems Specialists

• Then there was the elaborate business proposal I wrote and sent to just 25 people in New York. Two weeks later the project I proposed won a contract from a News Corp. subsidiary worth millions of dollars. (The opening bid in the negotiations was $1.5 million.)*

• And when an unknown jewelry designer asked me to spend a few hours preparing a simple presentation for her new product line, within days she landed a contract from Dillard’s Department Store worth $259,000.*

Could You Enjoy Cash-Flow Like This… Virtually Overnight?

Well, what if I told you that generating new-found revenues is easier than you think? If you’re one of those business owners who approach income generation with the idea that it takes time to land big contracts, develop new products and make multiple sales calls that ultimately generate a new account, you should know that many income-producing activities can be launched in just a fraction of that time.

In other words, some strategies are very quick to execute—and bring in the cash very quickly, too.

Those are the strategies that make up the Instant Income® system. And you don’t have to own a traditional bricks-and-mortar business to use these strategies—they can just as easily be applied to your home-based business, if you pursue money-making projects on the side…even if you or your spouse are employed and want to get a pay raise at work by using these strategies to make your employer more money and sharing in the profits.

These are strategies like little-known advertising techniques that are used by just a tiny fraction of business owners out there… strategies for getting your existing customers to spend more money with you—if you have customers already. And if you don’t, there are Instant Income strategies that recruit other people to bring in the cash and new customers for you. Other strategies make up the Instant Income system, too, like those you can use to hire professional salespeople at no cost to you…strategies for making tens of thousands of dollars your very first month on the Internet… and on and on.

An Exciting New Kind of ‘Business Plan’ for Making
Instant Income in Your Small Business

Most small businesses run on cash—if there’s money left in the checking account, you know the business is still alive. Well, if you’re about to close your business on Friday because there’s no money in the checking account, these are methods that can put money there by Thursday night. And yet—they’re being used by just a tiny percentage of businesses and solo entrepreneurs out there.

That’s why I wrote the original book Instant Incometo detail these little-known strategies for everyone.

business planNow, to help you get to the next level, I recently developed the Instant Income Small Business Plan—a business plan unlike any you’ve ever seen—designed specifically to help you and your staff implement strategies that bring in the cash…while at the same time, becoming more focused on implementing these strategies and creating new-found cash-flow for the business.

Forget about proforma numbers, growth projections and other typical “pie in the sky” business plan nonsense. My Instant Income Small Business Plan focuses on the one basic necessity that all small businesses (including start-ups) need in order to grow and thrive: Ways to bring in the cash.

Of course, the Instant Income Small Business Plan doesn’t just help you create cash on a one-time, when-you-need-it, emergency basis. It actually helps you establish operations in your business that work continuously… bringing in cash on a regular basis, day after day, through structured, pre-planned campaigns, promotions, sales follow-up, distributor development, list-building and other activities—while you, the business owner, finally achieve real freedom to enjoy life more, pursue the passionate work that compelled you to go into business in the first place or pursue new aspects of the business you couldn’t get to before.

You’ll find that the Instant Income Small Business Plan will re-focus the entire business—from the owner to the staff to the outsource vendors, suppliers, everyone—on creating substantial new cash-flow and profits for the business. Implemented in earnest, this plan has the ability to automatically generate greater sales from existing customers, recruit other people to help you bring in the cash, turn your advertising into ads that make the phone ring, transform your website into an Internet selling system—and so much more.

And if you’re just starting out? This Plan will be even more critical to your success since the most important activities of any new business are to generate prospective customers, sell them products and services for immediate cash-flow, and bring on income-focused staff and vendors to help you handle this new-found activity.

Lots of Employees, Massive Credit Lines, Tons of Distribution… They’re NOT Needed to Implement the Instant Income Strategies

You don’t need lots of employees (or any for that matter)…you don’t need tons of cash to start with (most strategies can be executed free or paid for after the revenues come in)…and you don’t need to secure financing from a bank or other lender—because the strategies are designed to work with whatever bank account, business relationships, employees, outsource vendors, advertising schedule and other activities you have (or don’t have) in place right now.

With strategies like these, would you be interested in getting your hands on a copy of this business plan for yourself?

You can.

But before I tell you how you can do that, let’s take a look at just what you’ll discover throughout the 106 pages of detailed, comprehensive and immediately actionable strategies that make up the Instant Income Small Business Plan.

What You’ll Discover Inside the Pages of the Instant Income Small Business Plan…

Over seven information-packed sections, you’ll learn—in thorough detail—the strategies for finding more customers…in more places…with help from more people than you ever imagined. You’ll discover the proven methods for selling these customers more products and services over a longer period of time. You’ll learn how to plan your cash-flow generating activity—and how to track your results and response rates. You’ll cut through the overwhelming and confusing excess of Internet marketing “strategies” to discover the simple, time-tested 5-page website system that continually attracts traffic and converts visitors to sales.

You’ll learn from a New York ad agency professional the trick to getting your press release used by hundreds of media outlets—guaranteed. You’ll discover how to build your own team of seasoned cash-generating professionals with virtually no payroll costs whatsoever. You’ll even discover how to work with these professionals to continually generate new revenue streams for your business—all while you delegate, direct, mastermind and manage.

Suddenly, you’ll be free to work on the business, rather than in the business—perhaps for the first time in your life. You’ll have the freedom to work on new aspects of the business, pursue special projects that excite you, collaborate with industry heavyweights you may have wanted to work with—or maybe just take some time off.

Not only will you learn these kinds of business-transforming concepts...

You’ll discover 101 individual, easy-to-implement tactics, strategies and techniques like these:

» How to never again pay full rack rate for display advertising space in newspapers, magazines and printed periodicals. This “insider” negotiating technique—known only to agencies and other savvy media buyers—is detailed on page 8 of the Instant Income Small Business Plan.

Six reasons why sales letters sent through the traditional postal service will still trump cheaper marketing methods like email and newspaper advertising. Page 18 details all six scenarios—and even gives you a 5-page planning tool to ensure your sales letter contains every critical element to making direct mail generate instant income for you.

» Page 25 details the actual teleconference-call strategy I used to help Jack Canfield generate over $100,000 in just a few weeks. You’ll discover why these inexpensive calls are super-effective for generating sales within 24 hours—and how to fill your call with eager listeners who want to become more informed about your product, service and area of expertise. Not only will you get the actual marketing piece I created for Jack, you’ll get a four-page, first-of-its-kind guide to planning your teleconference call, sales pitch, guest interviews, Q&A segment and closing statements—word for word.

If you’ve ever wondered how some businesses get hundreds of new customers free via referral, page 31 details nearly a dozen different referral strategies you could implement in the coming hours, days or weeks. From following up immediately on customer comments to getting others to pro-actively recruit for you, you’ll learn the strategies to working with outsiders who could eagerly send new customers to your business.

» Can’t decide which method to use to start finding new customers for your small business? Not to worry, because page 35 gives you the five criteria for determining which prospecting method to use. From geographic market… to the price of your product or service… to the size of your lead-generating budget and more — these benchmarks will help you make decisions easily and move forward with confidence.

Moving on to page 37, you’ll learn—perhaps for the first time ever—the simple, five-page website formula long-time Internet marketers use to attract massive traffic, get prospective new customers to identify themselves, and actually sell products and services directly from their website. If you’ve struggled to “learn” the Internet game—or have “made do” with just a brochure site, wait until you read how to assemble a website that sells.

» Once your website is operating, you’ll discover—on page 39—how to keep your message, your products and your sales offers in front of past visitors and buyers… helping them make future buying decisions that bring you even more money. Page 40 even gives you the four-step process for writing these offers for optimum impact. If you’ve always known that you need to run regular promotions, but don’t have an intact customer and prospect list… if pushing a few buttons and sending a promotional offers to thousands of people appeals to you… if you simply don’t have the budget for more expensive strategies like radio spots or trade shows—this section about collecting email addresses (and selling to) past website visitors will be worth many times the price of the Instant Income Small Business Plan.

Of course, you don’t have to do all the work yourself of getting these visitors to your website. Page 42 details how to get tens of thousands of other website owners, bloggers and industry experts to pro-actively market your products and services… then send their customers to your website to purchase. I even describe six different types of incentives to motivate these affiliates to do all they can for you.

» Turn to Section 3 of the Instant Income Small Business Plan, and you’ll discover an entire plan for setting up a sales department that converts prospects—that is, referrals, callers, walk-ins, website visitors, networking contacts and others—into cash-paying buyers. But first, you’ll need to determine which sales function is right for you… from live salespeople, to telemarketers, to even your own voice broadcast to thousands of potential buyers per minute. Pages 44-54 detail why you would want to use each type of “salesperson” and even includes a Sales Function Planner to help you decide based upon four criteria you need to know.

On page 55, you’ll get a 30-point checklist of the data you might want to capture from each prospective customer or past buyer. Why? So you can continue to meet their needs and sell them additional products and services later. If you’re a consultant who’s been frustrated with the long “sales cycle” required to close prospects into an expensive consulting contract, this checklist alone could help you substantially shorten the time required to get a signature—and your first retainer.

» Of course, maintaining communication with prospects is a key factor in selling to them—either instantly or in the future. For instance, did you know the average new prospect typically requires SEVEN communications before they buy anything? Studies prove this, but don’t worry. Page 58 details an entire sales path and communication plan that will systematize your contact with these future buyers.

What else can past buyers do? They could also be a tremendous source of instant income. In fact, for many businesses—perhaps yours—repeat business is the most stable form of income available. If you’ve never seen the four-step formula on page 59 for selling to existing customers, you’re missing out on substantial instant income for your business. From five kinds of special offers past customers respond to… to specific sales tactics you can use… to a unique strategy for following up and preparing them to buy again, it’s all in the Instant Income Small Business Plan.

» Turning the page to Section 4, you’ll discover how to track the “key profitability indicators” of your small business—and make decisions based upon these results. If your previous income-generation efforts have been based on guesswork or “good ideas” you’ve heard from outsiders, you’ll welcome this six-page tutorial on gathering and analyzing the most important numbers in your business. It all starts on page 64.

Want more distributors, new sales channels, thousands of retail outlets and dozens of joint-venture partners to instantly grow your revenues? Page 70 begins a uniquely different business-development plan—and likely a complete paradigm shift—for your small business. From establishing a professional consortium to get new consulting clients…to recruiting non-traditional “salespeople” to source deals for you…to becoming a permanent add-on to someone else’s product or service…to systematically developing an entire distributor-dealer network—this section of the Instant Income Small Business Plan could transform your small business into the thriving, burgeoning enterprise you’ve always dreamed it could be.

» You’ll meet the 9 different kinds of people who could become recruiters, representatives and non-traditional business development professionals for you—free of charge until they land deals for you. See page 72. (You’ll even get the four-point checklist of tools you’ll need to provide to help them sell for you.)

You’ll know how to set up an informal referral circle of other professionals who can send you business at no cost whatsoever. See page 73.

» You’ll even discover the five reasons why unexpected and out-of-the-way retail outlets will be happy to buy inventory from you and become your most valued accounts. See page 74.

Moving ahead to page 75, you’ll discover 40 different ways to get newspapers, radio shows, television broadcasts, news programs, talk-show hosts, online news websites, major news wires, Yahoo News, Google and other media outlets to enthusiastically report on your small business—even if you serve a local market with limited potential buyers. If you’ve never thought before that your business is “newsworthy,” wait until you read how to get instant traction—and instant attention. See page 76.

» Want to know the insider secret for guaranteed coverage by news outlets around the world? I give you the entire strategy on page 77 that will automatically get your press release distributed online—including telling you how to use the press release to drive visitors to your website to buy an entry-level product or service.

Don’t know what to write about when taking your business to the media? Page 81 gives you a four-page planning tool that will help you include every component of an effective media campaign.

» Plus…pages 84-85 give you three additional media strategies my celebrity clients have used for years to become famous and stay at the media forefront.

You’ll discover how to grow your revenues through commissioned salespeople…see page 86. Need new-business development professionals?…read page 87. How about an affiliate manager…check out page 92. Your offline marketing manager…see page 93. And your Internet promotions manager…read page 94.

» But forget about re-inventing the wheel when it comes to managing these professionals. Page 91 gives you a sample dealmaking grid to standardize how you compensate new-business development staff. Page 88 gives you a complete chart for defining goals and benchmarks. Page 93 gives you a three-stage plan for delegating duties. And page 94 provides an 8-point checklist for defining compensation terms.

And if you want to “go virtual”—with no full-time employees, expensive office space or ongoing payroll? Page 95 tells you how to fully outsource your entire income-generation and marketing effort—working with top professionals who are happy to work for lower pay, on a part-time basis, providing their own office space and equipment.

» You’ll discover what to outsource starting on page 96—including a 46-point checklist of job duties you can easily outsource…and a planning tool to help you determine the specific duties you want each person to perform.

Page 98 even tells you how to negotiate fees, retainers and budgets—including how to get the Instant Income Worldwide team working on your income-generation systems.

» The Instant Income Small Business Plan ends with a complete tutorial on how to develop steadfast rules and well defined goals these professionals must meet before getting paid. Don’t let your projects get off track, break your budget or become mis-managed by independent contractors. This guide tells you how to develop specific outcomes—and ensure you get delivery.

When your time with the Instant Income Small Business Plan is through, you'll know a staggering amount of detail on getting more customers, selling more products and services, tracking your marketing results and response rates, getting in newspapers and on the radio, building a team of seasoned cash-generating professionals, instantly marketing over the Internet, running ads that generate cash -- plus so much more...

Yet your price is less than you'd pay for someone else's ebook covering just a single, limited business topic.

Convinced? Here’s Where You Can Download
These Secrets NOW…

Click here to immediately buy the Instant Income Small Business Plan at the rock-bottom price I have in mind.

But if you're wondering just how little you'll pay to get this 106-page masterplan for creating the kind of robust, income-oriented business most people only dream about, the answer is...

... About one-tenth of what others routinely pay just to talk to me on the phone – with no written plan like the one that you're about to receive!

You see, it's fairly common knowledge that—when I choose to consult with individual business owners—my consulting rate is $1,000 per hour. Yet for everything I want to teach you... for everything I plan to help you accomplish in your business... for the complete road map to boosting cash-flow in your small business using the exact systems and strategies I've used with clients who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars more—your price is about 1/10th of my hourly consultation rate:

Just $97.

Why am I selling this plan so cheap? For one reason and one reason only: I will never be able to help the millions of business owners like you who have valuable products and services to share with others. There simply isn't that much time in my schedule.

But I could be the catalyst for millions of consumers' lives being changed, millions of businesses growing and doing better -- and millions of individuals reaching their potential -- when I help YOU establish ongoing strategies and operations in your business that stabilize cash-flow, help you deliver more products and services, and give you the freedom to work on your business -- rather than in it.

I believe there is so much more that small businesses can do in the world... for consumers, for employees, for the economy and especially for the entrepreneurs and families behind these businesses. I also believe my mission is to foster small business success around the world (and particularly in this economy). I can only imagine the benefits (and good karma) that will flow back to me once I help create millions of successful local businesses and SME's around the globe.

My goal is to get this road map into your hands at a price that's reasonable and affordable – yet at a price that's substantial enough so you'll respect and implement what you learn – so I can help you (and millions more consumers, families, and local economies than I am right now).

Your price is just $97 – a mere fraction of a fraction of what celebrity experts have paid me over the last 20 years for this same information. And a “drop in the bucket” compared to what a professional “marketer” might charge you for advice that isn't even as seasoned as the advice you'll get from reading the Instant Income Small Business Plan.

Think about it...

If You Hired an Ad Agency, Marketing Firm or 

Business Consultant, You'd Pay Thousands of Dollars

And these “professionals” probably wouldn't know how to execute even half of the 101 strategies in this plan, let alone advise you on incorporating the strategies as ongoing operations and brand new revenue centers in your business.

In fact, $97 would probably get you only about 29 minutes of their “consulting” time... with few (if any) real strategies explained or written down for you.

Of course, you could attend a workshop put on by one of the many small business “gurus” out there, but how many of them would have developed, marketed and implemented even a FRACTION of the income-generation programming described in the Instant Income Small Business Plan?

Plus, with 106 information-packed pages, these so-called experts would need nearly 5 hours just to read the Instant Income Small Business Plan word-for-word to you in a workshop setting—without delivering any additional advice or training of their own!

Compare that to what you could be learning and implementing just a few minutes from now, and you'll realize that—at $97—the Instant Income Small Business Plan is a solid and undeniable bargain.

How Big Could Your Revenues Grow Once You Have This Plan? How Successful Could You Become Once You Know These Secrets?

What would happen if you attracted thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of prospective customers, clients, patients, subscribers, students and others to your particular business... then continually sold them quality products and services?

How fast could you catapult to leading status in your local market or national industry if you used these strategies to get your name and business out there—making you the first choice for high-profile interviews and high-powered joint venture deals?

How good would your life be if you used these strategies to build a thriving, burgeoning business that paid for posh vacations, expensive cars, a beautiful home... with money to spare?

The fact is, you could be experiencing all this once you have the Instant Income Small Business Plan: Turnaround Strategies That Help Boost Sales Revenue, Get New Customers, Enhance Business Development & Stabilize Cash-Flow.

But be advised. While these strategies and techniques can work in many varied situations, the particular success you'll enjoy will depend on your own talents and resources and how you apply them, how persistent you are, your entrepreneurial instincts and your business abilities.

All I can do is provide you with the time-tested teachings, guidance and mentorship that has worked for my clients – and could work for you. The rest is up to you.

Just to be sure though, I want you to take your time reading through the plan. Take time to envision what your future would look like.

And if within 15 days of purchasing, you aren't totally convinced that you, too, can create a robust, income-focused, strategically planned business with dozens of ongoing profit streams from well established prospecting systems, marketing campaigns, sales efforts, joint-venture deals, advertising schedules, media exposure, Internet campaigns, autoresponder marketing, referral systems and other income-focused activity, your entire purchase price will be promptly returned in full—no questions asked.

Fair enough?

But Wait! Just in Case You Need That Extra Little Nudge...

I'm Including a Comprehensive ‘Instant Income Audit’ That Will Automatically Determine Where to Start Bringing In the Cash… and Actually Create a Customized, Written Task List for Your Business!

The Instant Income Small Business Plan is already 106 pages and is packed with sample campaigns, helpful checklists, critical planning tools, sample dealmaking grid, website map, implementation worksheets and more. But just in case you need that little extra nudge...

... I'm “gifting” you with the comprehensive Instant Income Overnight Audit designed specifically to help you put cash in your bank account as quickly as possible. It’s a unique tool that creates a custom, printed plan for generating cash in your business—using details from your specific circumstances.

By walking you through each Instant Income strategy, the Audit will help you determine the exact products you’ll sell, which customers and prospects you’ll sell to, which circumstances you can easily leverage, how to maximize the activity you have taking place in your business right now—then helps you estimate exactly how much instant income you’ll earn from these efforts.

Once you input the information it needs, the Audit will calculate the actual dollars you could earn from executing each individual strategy – so you can decide which strategy to pursue first!

If the Audit results tell you, for example, that you’ll make $39,000 from Strategy A, but you’ll make $63,000 by executing Strategy B – well, of course you’ll want to pursue Strategy B right away. But here’s the best part: The Audit will even help you rank your final results—from the most profitable strategies down to the ones you could probably leave until later.

The entire Audit is available (password-protected) at the Instant Income website, by the way, so you can calculate everything online. Plus the online version automatically ranks your final results and produces a nice, clean, easy-to-read report of all your plans and anticipated financial outcomes.

More than any other tool, this Instant Income Overnight Audit can help save you time, money and effort by telling you exactly where to take action first to bring emergency cash into your small business. You’ll receive:

With the Instant Income Overnight Audit, you’ll know exactly which strategy to execute first for the most revenue possible. Forget about wading through every strategy you’ll learn in the Instant Income Small Business Plan. Use the Audit to help you start generating income…instantly!

Of course, the Audit by itself is worth hours of valuable time saved—plus potentially tens of thousands of dollars earned—by knowing where to focus first.

And it’s my gift to you…just for instantly ordering and downloading the Instant Income Small Business Plan today.

You get the Audit—PLUS the 106-page Instant Income Small Business Plan packed with strategies, techniques, methods and implementation instructions for developing a robust and thriving income-focused business...

Yet your price is just $97.

You even get to keep the bonus Instant Income Overnight Audit findings and customized written report if you decide within 15 days that the Instant Income Small Business Plan is not for you.

If This Economy Has Disillusioned You or Created an Emergency Cash-Flow Situation...

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I urge you to click through and order this archive of immediately usable techniques.

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Instant Income Plan

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Once my order is processed through your secure online order form, I'll receive instructions for downloading this amazing business plan in PDF format. In addition, I'll also get complete instructions for accessing the Instant Income Overnight Audit—which is my gift just for ordering immediately.

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Just one 90-minute teleseminar launched a million-dollar business for one of my clients. A postcard that took 20 minutes to write netted Jack Canfield $105,000 in six weeks. Another deal I did sold $21,000 worth of product for Jay Abraham with an 8-minute phone call.*

Isn't it worth a few minutes of your time right now to start creating your own cash-flow centered small business—with operations that work continuously… bringing in cash on a regular basis, day after day, through structured, pre-planned campaigns, promotions, sales follow-up, distributor development, list-building and other activities—while you, the business owner, finally achieve real freedom to enjoy life more, pursue the passionate work that compelled you to go into business in the first place or pursue new aspects of the business you couldn’t get to before?

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cash flow

P.S. Remember, there's nothing to lose. I'm taking all the risk. If you're not convinced the Instant Income Small Business Plan will help you create the robust, cash-flow focused business of your dreams, you can get all your money back PLUS keep the bonus Instant Income Overnight Audit findings and customized written report if you decide the Instant Income Small Business Plan is not for you.


Janet Switzer



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